wonosobo, watching lengger dance

Wonosobo … such a dearly name since I was a kid. This small-lively town is the main entrance to the Dieng Plateau. A place which lying nearby my grandparents hometown [Parakan]. So, how ‘fluently’ I am to pronounced all these names of villages and small towns in between Parakan to Wonosobo: Temanggung, Bulu, Kedu, Parakan, Karangsari, Paponan, Mergowati, Kledung, Kledung Pass, Wonosobo …. as these names always captured in my heart.

(c) ukirsari

And one day … when I join several friends of mine and stay for awhile here, the story just changed. More colorful than before. I was fallen in love with one of the villages in Wonosobo, called Anggrunggondok. Like a fairy tale … when the mist roll in, I hear the unique sound of gamelan. Watching the people dancing ‘kesurupan’ [supranatural spirit comes in or so called trance] and moving in rhytm, meet lovely kids who always smiles and have beautiful eyes and cheeks [looks they’re using make-up, rouge or whatsoever, but it’s original thing, not artificial!], hmmm, my heart just melt ….

Scenic Route and local festival

(c) ukirsari

Go to Wonosobo, I usually using this route:
~ Jakarta >> Jogjakarta, Magelang, Temanggung, Kedu, Parakan, Karangsari, Wonosobo [then Dieng of course!]
~ Surabaya >> Semarang, Pekalongan, Sukorejo, Parakan, Karangsari, Wonosobo

Using overland trip [except Jakarta to Jogjakarta or Surabaya to Semarang, usually I go by plane], both of the routes showing us the scenic route. Lying on 900 metres above sea level, Wonosobo [shorted as WSB] has cool climate and unpredictable mist which can covered several area in the evening, night, early morning ’till mid-day!

(c) ukirsari

Then, on the national holidays, people in several small town like Parakan, Temanggung and Wonosobo herself are gather and arrange a festival in a public area called alun-alun [city square] with main attraction Kuda Kepang [from the most famous from Temanggung] and Lengger dance [from Wonosobo municipality].

The cockroach made us laugh

“Kris, Kris … give a help, please! HELP!” I scream panicly when I open my room at a hotel in Wonosobo.

“What happened!?” Not only Kris, but several guys suddenly came into my room and find me still in panic attack caused by a cockroach. “You? Afraid of cockroach and already been anywhere by yourself?” Euhhh??! But this cockroach scary me!!!!

Then, not only Kris, Mr Yupa also gave a help. Thrown his flip-flop over the cockroach and sent that smelly thing over my room.

And it’s not the only funny story. Only second after I ‘landed’ on the bed …. BUUUMMM! The bed has fallen to the ground.

“@rie …. you’re such a natural disaster!!! My God!” I heard Kris’ voice meanwhile he’s checking the bed.

(c) ukirsari

“And it’s not my fault. It’s just happened, Kris!” I replied bit ‘angrily’ since he was asked about my weight. “You think I am a small elephant?”

Then all of us laugh together. Me, Mr Yupa, Kris himself and several newly friends in a photography gathering and it’s happened after midnight.

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