nyerang-i gyalla mar-yul rak

it’s a heaven to be back to ladakh that affectionately addressed as mar-yul or broken moon from its people.  after longing for years, i am so glad to be here again with nick.  only us, pale moon and snow capped mountains. my ability to speak in ladakhi, arise again and i am so grateful to get helped by every single ladagspa who’s correcting my pronounciation, tell the newly words and give support to talk in one of the languages that i love to speak.

ladakh range (c) ukirsari 2011

and we’d got experience to attending tse-chu, one of the most sacred religious festivals in ladakh. It’s a festival about guru padmasambhava who gets reincarnation many times.

i touched by a lama who dearly address me with a ladakhi-tibetan name, instead of my first name and another given name that i’d got in india few years ago.

when we’re about to leave, i turn my head to remember an old tibetan proverb: this place is surrounded by high passes, so only best friends or the worst enemies will pay a visit. we definitely will be back someday as we feel home here.

this visit i dedicated to our beloved parents. and for my mum and dad, i already tied my tar-chok (praying flags) in the heights of 4,800 masl. wish your happiness ever after as we pray in this heaven on earth, tsering shik!

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