introducing parakan, my birthplace

(c) ukirsari

for me personally, parakan is always be …
~ a beautiful place in the slopes of two mountains: Sindoro [sometimes also called as Sundoro] and Sumbing.
~ a small lively city with tobacco and clove fragrances.
~ a small town which is divided into two by a river so called Galeh.
~ my sweetheart, since i was born here

the legend of Ki Sura Menggala

i was born here and everytime i can see from the window of my grandparents’ house: in one of the peaks on Sumbing, there’s a place. where one of my ancestors buried; Ki Sura Menggala [later on, his name’s taken for my surname]

the legend about him spread by the mid of 18s. an inlander rebellion who got ‘guillotine’ by the Dutch. the conquerors believes; if his head join together with his body, Ki Sura Menggala can alive and continues his rebel act towards Dutch. so … he buried separated in two places: Jogjakarta and Mount Sumbing. from now on, he still lives in my heart. sembah sungkem pangabekti dalem: ukirsari katur Eyang Sura Menggala.

catch the mist

what i love most from my birthplace? oh, pretty much. too many to mention.
but the thing i’ll never forget is about ‘catch the mist’. trying to be faster than fog and mist early morning or late night.

one of my nice memories, when sibling, cousins and i back from the cinema close to midnight, after watching ‘the outsiders’. yes, i was a big fans of ralph macchio and c. thomas howell and matt dillon since 10 years old. and there’s no mass transportation from the only one cinema in the city to my granparents’ house after 10:00 PM. what can we do then? six of us [me, dhedhek, agung, dhimas, pras and han] walking fast in between fog. so freezing, pretty damn cold and i could not see. just hold dhedhek’s hand pretty tight. 2 km seems more than 10 km away!!

and how nice, when we reach home, Grandpa still awaiting us. greeting us with his deep-gentle voice: “naarhuis, naarhuis!”


3 thoughts on “introducing parakan, my birthplace

  1. Parakan, is my birthpace either Mbak…
    Pagi tadi saya ngobrol ama Bapak saya tentang sejarah Parakan, dan ternyata dari bapak saya dapat cerita panjang tentang sejarah Parakan, iseng-iseng saya browsing ke internet barangkali ada yang pernah nulis tentang sejarah Parakan, lha kok ternyata nyasar ke sini. Rada surprise juga karena setahu saya Mbak ini kan jadi independent taveler di Nat Geo Traveller yaa… Udah keliling kemana-mana… duh senengnya…..Very nice pictures, mbak… n salam kenal…. boleh dong bagi ilmu fotografinya…

  2. salam kenal yovita. iya, parakan itu tanah kelahiranku tercinta. sekarang saya bekerja untuk national geographic traveler. benar, saya traveling kalau sedang libur dan ada uang –bukan dari tugas kantor, karena sifatnya ‘kan terpisah ya 🙂
    soal fotografi, aih .. andalanku ‘kan kamera pocket aja toh!

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