visit dieng: abode of the Gods

this place addressed as dieng and so called abode of the gods. house of the gods which leavings ancient ruins of temples, predating the old buddhist temple borobudur.

even dieng doesn’t have 4 seasons the altitude over 2,300 above sea level here is astonishing.

surrounded with gorgeous mountaineous range of mount sumbing and mount sindoro. nearby the place i was born. a cozy small lively town named parakan.

after trekking to the temples which have names from the main characters of epic mahabharat, i go to the coloured lake and mingle around with locals. and found many sincerely smiles around me. so peaceful here!


Di-Hyang [Sanskrit lingo]

(c) ukirsari

The name Dieng taken from Sanskrit lingo Di-Hyang, means Abode of the Gods. It’s the oldest-ancient Hindu ruins in central Java, mostly built between 8th – 9th centuries and covered by plateau and several craters in Dieng.

Due to the mysterious depopulation of central Java, this archaeological site was forgotten ’till 1856 when van Kinsbergen, an archaeologist drained the flooded valley around these ruins and rediscovered remaining temples [it was over 400 temples and the rest about 8 temples so far].

From Tuk Bima Lukar to Kawah Sileri

(c) ukirsari

When I was a kid, I’d been anywhere in archaeogical sites of Dieng. And added with scenic route on the way there and back to my grandparents hometown: Parakan.
Then after, after … whenever I have much time to visit Dieng, I always visit my fave places there:
~ Tuk Bima Lukar [‘tuk’ means spring, it’s an ancient spring and flowing into Serayu River]
~ Arjuna Complex of temples
~ Dwarawati Temple
~ Gatutkaca Temple
~ Bima Temple
~ Sembungan Village [the highest village in Java, about 2,400 m above sea level]
~ Sileri Crater
~ Candradimuka Crater
~ Sikidang Crater
~ Telaga Warna [Coloured Lake] — but now it’s not so awesome as before 😦
~ Gardu Pandang Dieng


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