after series of packing and unpacking things, finding new apartment (s) and live in Wales, Scotland, and west Europe, we’re heading home again to London and Tangerang later on. then it will be … apparently … London-Tangerang-London on regular basis.

exciting? of course beyond words. especially as we managed some travels to Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and Taiwan in the mean time.

so, apparently I have ample time to re-create and re-design this blog. and apparently, a brilliant idea come into my mind to be realized, but it takes time. a cuppa from N would be help 😉

we’ll back soon. whilst packing and unpacking activities still going on and on 🙂

PS: if any … our Filipino Barkada, VT members and anyone that we love so dearly read this post, please bear in mind that we miss you too, a lot. we’re away from our social media but will get online pretty soon!