bi bayurlj ben

in this chun jie, also known as chinese lunar new year, the beginning of spring festival or xin chia, i found myself blanketed by the serenity of thousand red candle lights. within a temple in the old quarter of tangerang.

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night of a thousand lanterns in p’ing-xi

beloved mum and dad, i would like to ask; did you receive my sky lantern already?

(c) ukirsari 2011

sky lantern or tian deng in local language also known as konming lantern, taken from the shape of zhuge liang’s hat, a minister in old chinese world and the lantern was used to be a signal within war periods and the usage of its lantern brought to ilha formosa or taiwan whenever the natives of fujian province migrated in the era of qing dynasty.

(c) ukirsari 2011

refer to chang douan-xie, a guy who attended p’ing-xi lantern festival altogether with his family; two children and his wife, he told me that long long time ago, in the celebration of chinese lunar new year or known in local language as chun jie, marauders are coming to screw up people in p’ing-xi. that’s why the locals hidden themselves up to the mountainous range of shifen to sandiaoling plateau. the village’s keepers will send sky lanterns whenever marauders has gone and the people can be home again.  “in the end, locals take the uniqueness of sending sky lantern as part of their tradition and it will be held at the first moonlight after chinese lunar new year or yuanxiao jie,” stated douan.

last year, in november 2010, with kindly help of my friend’s family in chiangmai, northern thailand, i do just like locals to lit up the lanterns and float a small papier-mache boat in the river for my beloved parents. and that moment created idea in my mind that someday i should visit p’ing-xi zhexian to do the quite same thing in the traditional way.

all i need just ask the volunteer about tian deng that i would like to buy. pink is for love and friendship, red is a celebration, white is speaking about peace and health then orange is for prosperity. how about blue? i take this one, since it’s my favourite colour and a symbol in between me and dad; we’re as travelers and his dedication to the navy and how we love the seas and oceans. then one of my mum’s favourite colour as well.

(c) alex pangestu 2011

i was so amazed with those volunteers, even when english taken place as a language barrier, they’re keep smiling and handed a brush and ink for me.  and here i am, whenever people are busy to write in hanyu (chinese characters), tieng viet (vietnamese), nihongo (japanase) or hangeoul (south korea), i am confident to write in hanacaraka, an old-ancient javanese characters that my parents teach me since i was a kid. and gladly, i wrote it very well. a small poem, a pray, my dedication … full of love.

my heart just so blue, i feel so warm in the middle of a mid-plateau in the winter time, surrounded by many many people around the world and my tian deng fly that high, can be seen ascending amongst thousand lanterns in the evening sky. locals belief, tian deng is a personal message for  heaven.

so, what can i say more, mum and dad …. i do miss you and i love you so. hoping you are happy to see my lantern and understand that i will always remember you, in my own way.

a wonderful person, an evening at royal albert hall

long time ago, i have favourite couple friends; jachan (italian) and cathy (american) who decided to set up brand new  life in italy. and the simplest way for jachan to address his beloved one is “a wonderful person“. i tried to understand what is the deepest meaning in that affectionate way to tell people about cathy, until i feel the same about someone who i love very much.

it was around a week before september 24th, when nicholas told me about reduction ticket  price  for classic fm live in royal albert hall. unfortunately, it’s not side-by-side’s seat. but one farthest to the other. all i can say, “just wait. if there’s our karma, it will be ours.”

i don’t know exactly what he did, until he tells me happily. “yes, confirmed. two seats for both of  us, side by side. mum and dad will attend the event too.” maybe just a coincident, but it’s something nice for me. even four of us will be seated per couple. not all in the same row. and our tickets are cheaper compared theirs for sure 🙂

during the event, my heart is burst of happiness. it’s a great classic concert, with solo violist sarah chang –a prodigy when she’s 6 years old playing solo– and the priests –tree tenors– on stage. i hold his hand tight. probably very tight. this is the first time i am going to see a classic concert, after my dad and my violin master passed away.

at that night, i can feel the term ‘wonderful person’ in the beautiful way. not copy from janchan, but understand it completely. not only about nicholas as  my beloved one. but the way he knowing me and to understand. he’s not complaint about i leave my violin class. only once asked “why?” and i try to answer, “when i decided to learn violin, i tied my heart to the instrument and the person who teach me. when he’s away, i feel something not complete. maybe i’m too childish, but i am sure, none of the new master can do his or her best as my master did.”

and another sentimental reason, of course my dad. who always encourage me to play. i remember his company to find a nice violin 3/4 when i am young. then 4/4 scale when i turn adult. he’s so touched when i buy a new violin with my own money after back from japan, 10 years ago. i address my newest violin as “tonska” [taken from russian nickname for ‘anton’ since mine is an anton breton’s product, made in 1979].

nicholas show me the reality. day will be following by another day. so its life. my beloved dad and violin master may go, but the essence of beauty still remain. about listening violin. something that i do really love before. something that connecting my life with my dearly dad and my violin master, pak le.

i love the concert from the beginning. when the choir singing carmina burana. when the priests is singing pie jesu. when the fireworks spreading behind the pillars. i know my dad smiles … somewhere, out there. and i love you nicholas, being a wonderful person for me. ich liebe dich!

Veris dulcis in tempore, florenti stat sub arbore
Iuliana cum sorore.
Dulcis amor!
Refl. Qui te caret hoc tempore, Fit vilior.

Ecce florescunt arbores, lascive canunt volucres;
inde tepescunt virgines.
Dulcis amor!
Refl. Qui te caret hoc tempore,Fit vilior.

Ecce florescunt lilia,et virginum dant agmina
summo deorum carmina.
Dulcis amor!
Refl. Qui te caret hoc tempore,Fit vilior.

Si tenerem, quam cupio,in nemore sub folio,
oscularer cum gaudio.
Dulcis amor!
Refl. Qui te caret hoc tempore, Fit vilior *

* carmina burana

sumunaring ndalu swargaloka

it’s almost a month after your two years remembrance, dad.
and i’m still holding on. even those pictures –in visiting your newly house– still not downloading yet.

(dad in the middle, courtesy of my big family r soepijono – brodjokaloso)

i want to keep it personal. as deep as i can. as silent as a midnight without any voices but the moonlight. as close as i can remember you clearly.
: it’s you, dad. only you.

funny that i can smell the tobacco burns around me. i don’t hate it. it’s different perception and beyond my tolerance against real smokers and its smokes, where my eyes feels burnt and my lungs suddenly so full!

this was [and is] … a fragrance from the distance. and mixed with mild arumdalu a.k.a sedap malam or known as nice white flower with calming-down ‘flavour’ upon my nose. your favourite flower. so simple as you.

and what can i write here about our latest meeting, dad? i always proud and love you. no matter how heavy the rain comes at the mid-day to sunset in your two years’ day, but it’s pretty clear when we start the ceremony and pray for you. i stated it in your lovely language:

sumunaring ndalu in swargaloka. pethak cinandra kartika lan andaru. panjenengan ing dalem agung, mugi kaparingan berkah dening Gusti Allah lan gegayuhan dening kalbunipun  mama, endut lan tone. sugeng tindak, papa. sugeng pepenget kalih taun. mugi sadaya kalepatan pupus, mila namung rasa kaendahan, bingah lan katresnan ingkang teras tuwuh.

tone and i took a drive, sending the meal-boxes to your friends, people you know and happy to be with, including a becak driver and his family [from whom i know that he and his wife are very proud of you too].

you just great, dad. nothing more i can say ….

enough for this moment ya, pa. i love you and i do miss you. never a day passes without thinking of you.

a blessed year: 2 autumns in both hemispheres of the globe

refer to my beloved nicholas’ expression, “supercalifragilisticexpiealidocuous“, it’s a really mirrored a blessed moment I’d got this year.

I found and enjoyed two times fall seasons within the same year! around easter break in southern hemisphere, australia and now playing with the golden leaves in northern hemisphere, great britain.

and top notch of these experiences, it’s became an extra-ordinary autumn in my beloved second home country in the northern hemisphere. something unusual in great britain on autumn! forget the gloomy days and shower rains and bloody windy times, since clear blue sky can be seen in many places where we go travel. especially to companied our ‘breathless’ castles and ruins and old medieval cities where we’d been into.

what a perfect blue background that made our pictures looks even more beautiful! then of course, pastorals and country sides with enchanting vineyards and forests and fields in gradation colours, from light and dark green into pale yellow, from orange becomes golden in the end.

that’s the most romantic season compared another seasons in my humble opinion! just remind to a favourite poem of mine, nothing gold can stay by robert frost. which became part of my favourite movie too, the outsiders. where one of the role player ponyboy curtis read that poem whilst runaway from home … *nature first green is gold, her harder hue to hold … then leaves subsides by leaf, so eden sank to grief …  dawn goes dawn today … nothing gold can stay* [ i only write my favourite words, sorry for inconvenience]

back to the autumn in northern hemisphere, is there any complain arise? none from our sides. even when the weather changed into a murky day, we do still enjoy the moment with jackets, gloves and balaclavas. hang-out in our fave pubs and take prêt a manger’s blt, cider and black beer. it’s so … luvvly jubbely and of course, supercalifragilisticexpiealidocuous!

thanks for the ingrams who always in my heart. i love you all 🙂

don’t give a miss whilst in w.a

(c) ukirsari

* katta djinoong, the first people of western australia
talking about australia, the first comes out from my mind is the indigenous people, the aborigines. and katta djinoong –name of the aboriginal community– are the first people of western australia. in general, they addressed themselves as the noongar or nyonga or nyungah.

it’s a bright sunny-windy day on autumn when i visit western australia museum. entering hellenic gallery at the second floor and witnessing an old guy who is westerner going out from the gallery written “katta djinoong” with watery eyes.

i don’t know what happened yet, until i watch 30 minutes video presentation entitled “bringing them home” by oziris production. there’s no visitor but me and i sit on a sofa in the corner. watching and listening whilst emotional feeling created tears on my cheeks.

it’s about government policy of australia towards the aboriginal children and people and all of the torres strait islanders so called “civilization” to be white australians. the first institution made on 1814. and in 1909 it has a legal sanction to take the aboriginal children from their family and the acts just ended by 1969. the aborigines indigenous during that era known as the stolen generations.

to commemorate this tragedy and dark history of australia, there’s a national sorry day which held on march 26th 1998 as an apologize for the indigenous. also a reconciliation. a day for healing the wounds of the aborigines people. this event held annually during 1988 – 2004 and in 2005 the named changed into national healing day for all australians. and a formal apology from the australia prime minister just held on 2008.

my tears can not stop for moments and a deeply sorry and apologize i just can say inside my heart regarding this tragedy. it’s truely hurt … to feel about mistreated, separation and removal family members without any probability to meet each other again.

it’s still a bright sunny-windy day in perth on march 2008 when i leave western australia museum. but i feel heavy rain inside my heart. this posting i dedicated to the indigenous aboriginal of australia. also a commemoration about a year my dad’s passed away.

you can learn about aboriginal prehistoric, daily life into christianity on western australia museum, 1 francis street, perth. and understand how skillful and artistic they are by listening didgeridoo and many aboriginal souvenirs which available in many cities within western australia.

* visiting perth


visiting perth, the most isolated capital city in the world. a superb setting for those who like laid back atmosphere. exploring the old buildings and old cemeteries surrounded by modern buildings. and several nice beaches along the western coastal zone of australia continent.

* visiting fremantle


visit fremantle is a must whenever you’re going to western australia. a nice old harbour town with delicious fish and chips restaurants plus cappuccino strip within mediterranean atmosphere. it gives you vibrant feeling of its city.

* visiting old cities
if you are so keen into historical and authentic – old buildings, visit the old town and old monasteries and or old minings will be cool.

new norcia

amongst the lists are:
– new norcia
– guildford
– york
– geraldton
– toodyay
– albany
– kalgoorlie
– coolgardie
– meekatharra

* exploring forestry and pastoral national parks
eucalyptus, karri and jarrah forests are the nature icons of western australia. walking through these forests are nice and worth exploring. beside the greenery forests can be found wild flowers which looks so beautiful. make sure you are here in the season, so you can see so many. from kangaroo paws to banksia.

but if you have pretty limited time, you can spend a day at kings park, perth.

amongst the lists of these national parks are:
– yanchep national park
– tall timber country
– boranup forest
– blackwood river
– nannup
– valley of the giants

* exploring natural wonders
beside the giant trees and forestry national parks, western australia enriched by rocks formations and boulders which worth to be explored.

the pinnacles, nambung national park

amongst the lists are:
– stirling ranges national park
– the pinnacles, nambung national park
– the kimberley
– porongurup national park
– purnululu national park or bungle bungles
– karijini national park
– hyden’s wave rock

*marine life, beaches, islands and the shipwrecks
speaking about coastal zones of western australia, can be found many interesting things.

– for those who likes histories, tracking back into 17s century can be found several shipwrecks. at least, 4 dutch tall-ships were laying on western coastal zone nearby houtman abrolhos islands. such as batavia, zeewijk, vergulde draeck [gilded dragon] and zuytdorp. worth a visit to learn about those tall-ship, including places which had names after the tragedy, such as batavia coast and zuytdorp cliffs.

– for those who likes nature, along the western coastal zone can be found beautiful marine life. such as ningaloo reef and coral bay. plus several stromatolites lakes.

– for those who likes to visit islands, can go to rottnest island where the dutch mistakenly called the quokkas as the rats. another also hartog island and batavia graveyard.

* wineries countrysides
western australia also known as wine-producing region. countrysides produces excellent and premium quality wines.

and speaking about red wines from western australia, typically are fruit driven [noted from forest berries like blueberries and added with dark plums] with distinctive varietal characters.

amongst the famous wineries can be found at:
– upper swan valley region
– margareth river region
– denmark

Visiting Oesau

I do enjoy something i learn from my Dad … pay a visit to war cemeteries and museums and or open museums anywhere we go on travels. So, since I was a kid, going to these places is always great.

(c) ukirsari

Contemplating myself about old, past, histories and heroism and patriotism.

Sometimes histories written by different point of views.

But in other way, the heroic acts always leave something in my heart: how to be brave and struggle against difficult circumstances.

So here I am with Mum at Oesau, west Timor. Pay a visit to the ANZAC Memorial.

* picture courtesy of my mum, R Ngt Ninik Soepijono

This memorial is dedicated to the 2/40th Australian Infantry Battalion Sparrow Force and Timorese people who died in their mission on February 20th, 1942 against Japanese. Known by local as “ANZAC Memorial”.

Even not so many people understand about this small memorial, it’s still worth a visit for us, me and Mum. To commemorate the battle against enemies and contemplating ourselves, how nice to create a world without wars and enemies.

Something that made me feeling bad was about a “cool” graffiti on the left side of the monument. Written in there “yo”. That’s why in taking picture, I block in front of the graffiti, or close it with my palm. Hoping the government will look after this area.

This posting is dedicated to my beloved Dad, passed away February 19th 2007 and the battle of Oesau which held on February 20th, 1942. I love you so much!