Posted by: ukirsari | April 2, 2012

bon anniversaire mon cher!

in our lives, remembering our first day encounter with mother earth always be done in a unique way. first, we have our own birthday, but ever since we are together, we share our each birthday so we had two times a year, by spring and summer. added with our anniversary and the first day we met in autumn, at least we have four excluding our favourite (and adorable) days of the heroes, national days, easter and christmas.

by the end of march, it’s beloved :N turn to celebrate his birthday. i marked this day with a “pas magnifique”: fly to paris where we arrange a mini holiday. the concept just as simple as spending the glorious week (not just a day) to marks the birthday. within city perimeter, we travel by rer-metro and to other cities and suburbs he drives and i become his co-driver (or navigator-cum-gps-reader). previously i had  wrapping many small cadeaux in a secret place but then leave them next to the telly set in our apartment in paris with a big note can touch none of them up until the date that mentioned by calendar:) and the opposite, since this is a “double” birthday, i got several as well, that can be found under my pillow, in the drawer and several hidden corner in the room. all are excellent. merci beaucoup, sweetheart!

(c) nicholas et ukirsari, paris 2012

city of light a.k.a paris always be one of our sweethearts within europe continent. it’s not so far from london, just take an hour flight across the english channel or la marche, including boarding time, taxiing, take off and landing then voila … we’re surrounded by people talking in a distinctive language which is counted as one of the most beautiful in the world. locals and our french friends like the way we talk, even me—apart from :N who can speak o level in francais—just in term un petit peu!

i love to drawing map of its destination in the airport or long before the trip based on memory i had ever known through the books or movies. this is the map of our france travel plan. thanks to sharen for camera and holding my diary!
(c) ukirsari 2012

dating back our previous visit in 2000, 2005 and then 2007,  our nice memories about france still linger nowadays and this recent visit feel more special since we celebrate birthday and meet up with a dearly friend. someone who passionately guiding us about a marvelous shark called concorde. the most beautiful bird in the world, to whom we’re adore so much since we’re kids.

bon anniversaire mon cher, je t’aime ….

(typed whilst listening one of the most beautiful songs performed by mon étoile: grégory lemarchal … reviens, et reste à proximité/pour partager les rires/et les fragilités/qu’aucun ne comprendrait)*

* taken from grégory lemarchal’s restons amis. RIP and your songs bring peaceful feeling in our hearts, as always ….


  1. wah romantis sekali ya, merinding aku bacanya :_) *mewek*

  2. terima kasih ya, siska … more than that, listen to grég’s … it will be more enchanting and memorable. just like paris in our sights.

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