a personal achievement, a spatial consciousness

listed amongst my favourites or hobbies is reading. can spend this activity whilst i am in the plane, catch the next flight, rainy days and awaiting my beloved one back from abroad. frankly speaking, my choice mostly travel guide books and its maps. therefore, mapping and recognizing processes already done in my mind, long before i do travel or even decided to go. i do enjoy  learn and getting excited in finding information through the map and explanation (culture, nature and architectural mostly), as high as the value of doing travel itself. even can not be generalized like pictures, for me personally, a map telling a rich story and a spatial consciousness.

taking aback to this enjoyment of mapping and reading, comments from some fellows that pretty familiar in my ears;  “so, this will be your next destination, uh?” and same answer all the time, “not like that, i am learning about spatial consciousness in the destinations.”

and it’s really work when i go travel. i like to do check and re-check the interesting points that mentioned by map and if i find brand new thing or kind differences, i’ll make a note. and write to the publisher in the way to updating. so far i do some and got nicely reply from them. this is what I found recently. my name’s mentioned in the readers’ letter in the rough guide hongkong and macau 2009.   my heartfelt thank goes to rough guide (RG) and i share this personal achievement for my beloved parents and nicholas. i love you!


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