a wonderful person, an evening at royal albert hall

long time ago, i have favourite couple friends; jachan (italian) and cathy (american) who decided to set up brand new  life in italy. and the simplest way for jachan to address his beloved one is “a wonderful person“. i tried to understand what is the deepest meaning in that affectionate way to tell people about cathy, until i feel the same about someone who i love very much.

it was around a week before september 24th, when nicholas told me about reduction ticket  price  for classic fm live in royal albert hall. unfortunately, it’s not side-by-side’s seat. but one farthest to the other. all i can say, “just wait. if there’s our karma, it will be ours.”

i don’t know exactly what he did, until he tells me happily. “yes, confirmed. two seats for both of  us, side by side. mum and dad will attend the event too.” maybe just a coincident, but it’s something nice for me. even four of us will be seated per couple. not all in the same row. and our tickets are cheaper compared theirs for sure 🙂

during the event, my heart is burst of happiness. it’s a great classic concert, with solo violist sarah chang –a prodigy when she’s 6 years old playing solo– and the priests –tree tenors– on stage. i hold his hand tight. probably very tight. this is the first time i am going to see a classic concert, after my dad and my violin master passed away.

at that night, i can feel the term ‘wonderful person’ in the beautiful way. not copy from janchan, but understand it completely. not only about nicholas as  my beloved one. but the way he knowing me and to understand. he’s not complaint about i leave my violin class. only once asked “why?” and i try to answer, “when i decided to learn violin, i tied my heart to the instrument and the person who teach me. when he’s away, i feel something not complete. maybe i’m too childish, but i am sure, none of the new master can do his or her best as my master did.”

and another sentimental reason, of course my dad. who always encourage me to play. i remember his company to find a nice violin 3/4 when i am young. then 4/4 scale when i turn adult. he’s so touched when i buy a new violin with my own money after back from japan, 10 years ago. i address my newest violin as “tonska” [taken from russian nickname for ‘anton’ since mine is an anton breton’s product, made in 1979].

nicholas show me the reality. day will be following by another day. so its life. my beloved dad and violin master may go, but the essence of beauty still remain. about listening violin. something that i do really love before. something that connecting my life with my dearly dad and my violin master, pak le.

i love the concert from the beginning. when the choir singing carmina burana. when the priests is singing pie jesu. when the fireworks spreading behind the pillars. i know my dad smiles … somewhere, out there. and i love you nicholas, being a wonderful person for me. ich liebe dich!

Veris dulcis in tempore, florenti stat sub arbore
Iuliana cum sorore.
Dulcis amor!
Refl. Qui te caret hoc tempore, Fit vilior.

Ecce florescunt arbores, lascive canunt volucres;
inde tepescunt virgines.
Dulcis amor!
Refl. Qui te caret hoc tempore,Fit vilior.

Ecce florescunt lilia,et virginum dant agmina
summo deorum carmina.
Dulcis amor!
Refl. Qui te caret hoc tempore,Fit vilior.

Si tenerem, quam cupio,in nemore sub folio,
oscularer cum gaudio.
Dulcis amor!
Refl. Qui te caret hoc tempore, Fit vilior *

* carmina burana


2 thoughts on “a wonderful person, an evening at royal albert hall

  1. yes din, definitely. beyond my shore, i found something that can not be said nor written. can be said as enlightment. and i keep trying against post-traumatic losing beloved person.

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