things to be done in battle

(c) ukirsari

* pampering yourself in the ‘city of 1066’

battle is a small, compact and lively city that can be explored in a day trip. take a nice walk along the historical trail of the city. including pay a visit to st valery sur somme church and its gorgeous cemetery. then small paths will lead you to the flower shops and small church of st francis. otherwise, do trekking to pevensey and rye country walks of 1066 to commemorate battle of hastings.

* battle abbey

half ruins of an abbey that not be used anymore in the reign of king henry viii. here still can be found the novice monks chamber, the main building that facing to the 1066 battle field, surrounded by oak trees and several private school which remains us to … harry potter’s hogwart 🙂

* ye olde king’s head: an old pub at battle

we found this nice pub when we wander around the city of battle in the evening. the door looks very low. a friend of us, assumed it might be caused … long time ago, whilst the pub is busy, they still have to keep an eye for the enemies who try to attack locals whilst riding a horse. with this lowermost door, the riding horses enemies will find it difficult to enter. favorite dish: cider ale and smoked beef sandwiches. address: 37 mount street, battle, east sussex

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