s dniom razendraniya … pozdravlyau …

(c) ukirsari and nicholas ingram

day of days. time ties up.  sunshine and moonlight. walking through the path of life. the longest shorelines i’d ever have.  the highest mountains i can climb up so far. and i am still here. to be loved as to love. with all my heart.

i would like to underlining my personal travels. throughout my whole life. to the universe. from being nothing to be someone. who adore my parents and my beloved ones. they company me all the time. not always by physically presences, but rather into mentally and stay in my heart. that makes my heart blossoming. every single minute and everytime i hold my breath.

as summer has came. as the sky approaching to be truely blue. and the clouds gone away. shower rain sometimes. and i remember how nicholas loves to play with the droplets from above. the laugh and smiles we shared. as we throw away the umbrellas. what it so called? dancing in the rain?  running from bungalow’s kitchen after picked up the christmas pudding? but hey, it was not december, wasn’t it?

i am a summer child by birth, but my habit and behaviour reflecting i am an autumn person –no wonder i love fall season more than others. even so, my parents and everybody who loves me can accept just the way i am. so thankful about that and crossing fingers to give them my best. all the time. full of love.

i just want to say thank you very much and let you know how do i love all of you. papa, mama, nicholas, tone anungseto, saya sayang kamu semua. terima kasih untuk menemani saya di setiap ulang tahun dalam doa.

090609.  wait … isn’t that a great combination number to be owned by me this year? and within next 10 days from mine, it’s the birthday of my favourite hero,  José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. an enchanting person with many abilities, including speaking in 22 languages, surgeon, painter, sculpturer, poem writer, novelist, opthalmologist. what a treasure for his family, nation and mankind. ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan (rizal himself). and wait a minute … can it be reflected also by aki kaurismäki’s mies vailla menneisyyttä?


6 thoughts on “s dniom razendraniya … pozdravlyau …

  1. hi, hi, hi … diny tersayang 🙂 nggak telat, kok. secara aku dan nicholas juga ngabur sebulanan, jadi baru buka bloggies ini lagi. thanks berat ya … ameeeen. aku juga berdoa buat ibu teladan von iowa 😉 happy playing tennis!!!

  2. lovely blog arie… and long time no write!
    life has been busy for me.
    and for you? how are things?
    love to you my dear!
    a x

  3. my dearly beloved wonky banana! it’s great to see you here 🙂 thanks for compliment. yes, life has been busy for me too … but of course, still have a dream to fly to down under someday. so be prepare 😉 big hugs! love, :@

  4. Hello Arie. Sorry. Missed ur birthday. Just visited this page. It is so wonderful… so nice… Thank you. Yes, belated Birthday wishes. Happy Birthday. Regards. Dhaval

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