>> things to see in london and some tips <<

* several things to be seen and experienced in londinivm *

(c) nicholas ingram

small note: some of the postings we did here in our blog can provide info to the readers. sure, can be taken as additional info. but mind you to do it with etiquette of permission for linking. do not copy bad behaviour as follows.

st paul’s cathedral: a gorgeous church in the medieval city

i do enjoy to stay pretty close with st paul’s. it’s looks glorious during the daylight and when the night fall. and only within walking distance to the millenium bridge that passed over river thames to direction of tate modern.

sir christopher wren is the architect of this medieval church [1675 – 1721] and amongst the famous people who buried at this site are lord nelson [admiral horatio nelson], sir wren himself and duke of wellington.

it’s prohibited to take photographs inside the chapel of all souls and once you go to the golden gallery [after whispering gallery] that located about 350 feet above the churchyard, you can have nice views about london city. from distance can be seen the gherkin and not so far can be seen millenium bridge which leads to tate modern.

phone: 0 20 7236 4128
address: st pauls churchyard, ec4
directions: st paul’s underground/tube only 5 minutes walking. bus nr 15 [aldwych, fleet street, tower hill] also leading to st paul’s cathedral.
website: http://www.stpauls.co.uk

trafalgar square: the way to salute a national hero

trafalgar square where the column of sir admiral nelson standing tall is a place where the people gather around. all over the world. all travelers. picturing to each others whilst enjoy the time sitting on the base of the column which ‘guarded’ by four giant lions.

and the monument itself surrounded by another london’s landmarks like national gallery, st martin-in-the field church, whitehall and leicester square [one of my eldest teddy was bought here :)]

nelson column became one of my must see or visit activity everytime i go to london. because my dad was a big fan of admiral nelson! and from him i learn about histories and navy and to see london from a nice perspective.

the monument of lord nelson is 185 feet above the fountain which designed by sir edwin lutyens [remind me of state palace in new delhi, india. also designed by him].

address: trafalgar square, wc2
directions: charing cross or leicester square tubes

national gallery: breathless for the hay wain

one of my dream about visiting london since i was a kid is to see the hay wain, a lovely painting by john constable made-in 1821. and just now i have opportunity to witnessing how it looks at the national gallery.

(c) nicholas ingram

so breathless and so speechless. very very nice. it’s a bout a small cabin and a wain or carthorse and nice scenery of river stour in suffolk. and surprise me, since the landscape and scenery –apart from the hay wain– is stay the same nowadays. can be seen by those who like constable’s hay wain. even a bit crowded on summer!

phone: 0 20 7747 2885
address: trafalgar square, wc2
directions: charing cross or leicester square tubes
website: http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/

cabinet war rooms: ready to attack!

i got my dad’s influence at this point. another of his british idols is sir winston churchill. so here we are. visit cabinet war rooms. a museum dedicated to churchill’s role during the world war II.

cabinet war rooms is annexed to prime minister’s residency at downing street nr 10. it’s a bunker where churchill stay when the war spread out through europe.

how serious but funny and witty sir churchill was, can be seen by photographs and memorabilia. such as a bloody big map of europe with sketches of adolf hitler made from pencil at the center. or, churchill’s hobby to witnessing the bombardier of london city by enemies from atop of his bunker! another fine example is a description about churchill’s collection: maps. so, different with other people who like to put wallpaper on, he prefer to cover his bedroom with maps. he can still learn before fallen asleep.

address: clive steps, king charles st, sw 1
directions: tube: westminster, st james’ park

piccadilly circus: enchanting eros statue

(c) ukirsari

this eros became one of my favourite landmarks in london. since a quite same the eros which located at the back yard of fatahillah museum in jakarta, indonesia [my country] and the other one is a replica, guarding a small bridge to direction kota, old city of jakarta. so every time we pass this eros, our memories goes to our [another] country.

lucky me to have a picture with composition like this: all looks oldies around the eros. since if you take picture from different angle, slightly to opposite direction, you can see the bloody big billboard which advertise many things so makes the eros less bewitched.

address: piccadilly circus, sw1
directions: piccadilly circus tube

whitehall and downing street: changing guardsmen

(c) ukirsari

apart of changing guardsmen which held in buckingham palace, watching the ‘ceremony’ at the whitehall, house of the guards is one of our favourite things during in london.

i like the guardsmen’ parade with their unique uniform in buckingham palace. but in whitehall, the horse-guards looks so gorgeous.

address: whitehall, sw1
directions: charing cross or westminster tubes
website: http://www.number-10.gov.uk

soho and the west end: do not leave london before visiting london’s theatres

phantom stated, “come on sing .. sing … sing my angel of music.” thus, christine start to sing, “think of me, think of me fondly when we say goodbye …. remember me …”

oh, please. do not leave london without enjoy a show that performed in west end’s theatres. one of the most memorable during the years, of course the greatest london’s love story: phantom of the opera πŸ™‚

amongst our lists are: her majesty’s theatre [we enjoyed phantom of the opera] and duke of york’s theatre [we watched no man’s land]. another are the old vic [at the south bank, waterloo road. we saw king richard II], piccadilly theatre [grease], prince of wales theatre [mamma mia!], theatre royal, drury lane [oliver], english national opera [eno] andΒ  etc, etc.

another option is for those who like movies. odeon provided the newest screenings all the time. and there’s opportunity to meet up with world-wide class celebrities at the movie premieres.

british museum: ample time to visit the whole of the museum

in british museum, time flies so fast. and it never be enough to spend a single day to see all of their collections. so reading the lists on the panel or souvenir book when entering the museum to decide where you’ll leap to the section today.

so far we just covered egypt section [rooms 4, 61 – 66], rosetta stone [room 4], sutton ho treasure [room 41], greece [rooms 11 – 23], greece and rome [rooms 69 – 73, 77 – 85]

phone: 0 20 7323 8299
address: great russell street, wc1
directions: holborn tube
website: http://www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk

tower of london: the bloody history of england

“history has written and has been told by the party who win the war,” said the yeoman warder who became our guide tour in tower of london. he’s one amongst those yeomen warders, provides the information for those who visit tower of london.

we do enjoy his explanation. including that statement which said by him in a quite funny way. ring you a bell? yes! i remember that from the monologue of braveheart –enchantingly performed by mel gibson πŸ˜‰

but he then added with some fact. especially about traitor’s gate. amongst the prisoners were –yes exactly– william wallace and sir walter raleigh.

the way the yeoman describe, telling and guiding us a real enjoyment. to have a job like this, is not easy. since he must be qualified as a ranking officer and serviced in the battlefield. so indeed, this is an interesting visit, apart of the palace itself.

many tortures and executions had been held here. no wonder there are haunted stories of the bloody tower and wakefield tower. but there are also kept the armouries, thrones and other regalia which are very interesting.

phone: 0 20 7709 0765
address: tower hill, ec3
directions: tower hill tube
website: http://www.armouries.org.uk/tower/

river thames: many gorgeous bridges and lovely scenes of london

england’s most famous river, thames divided london into two embankments. so there are many bridges –including the oldies– had been built across the river. can be designated as romantic walk in the evening.

the most famous is tower bridge and several has their own charming styles.

examples: hammersmith’s bridge [with open air pubs along the river and mooring people’s boats on canal], wibbly-wobbly millenium bridge for pedestrians [connecting st paul’s cathedral area to tate modern] and westminster bridge [a london’s landmark where almost tourists picturing themselves with big ben and houses of parliament located on the back.

directions: find river thames and walk along the embankment, can be seen easily. for hammersmith’s, take underground to earl’s court

parks and gardens: choose your own favourite garden

a garden, a park or a communal open air ‘lounge’ is something can spoil you on holiday. on summer, take a nap under the trees is nice or reading a book can be done too. in autumn, enjoy the colour changing from the trees and winds blowing the leaves, then leaves subsides one by one. it can be said somewhat romantic πŸ˜‰

so, choose your own favourite garden. hyde park, royal botanic garden kew, richmond park and many more. those are lovely.
and for me personally … the old cemetery at hyde park is like a gem in busy london. karl marx’s tombstone can be visited and this garden included as setting in english’s most dramatic love story: phantom of the opera.

buckingham palace: welcome to the ultimate monarch!

the grandeur buckingham palace and their special [all season] changing guardsmen are listed as the reason for tourists in visiting london. all activities will stop suddenly whenever the guardsmen lead a parade throughout the gate.

it’s gorgeous and bring the feeling to the ultimate monarch. yes, great britain is indeed one of the oldest monarchy state in the world!

address: the mall, sw1
directions: green park tube

a dedication to the navy: british navy monument

(c) ukirsari

we love this place very much. situated next to the tower hill underground, not so far from fenchurch street and tower of london. it’s dedicated for all british navy who serviced the country during the wars.

remind me to my beloved dad. sailing away. going to unknown seas and oceans. for the country.

here can be found a huge monument with full enlisted names from the men and the ships. and a greenery field with flags and oak leaves … a peaceful mind in mine.

and a huge neptune god put at the corner of the monument area.

address: tower hill
directions: tower hill tube

* where to stay in london?

for us, london is so lively. a medieval city with so many tourist spots scattered along the way. what we love is to take weekend in london and stay at the closest places of our fave tourists attractions [thanks for 20 minutes journey by train. it’s really a bless πŸ™‚ ].

amongst our favourite lists are situated next to st paul’s cathedral [cater line], piccadilly circus and nearby british museum [bloomsbury].

unique qualities: there are dormitories and private room that matching with our criteria, included breakfast. and within walking distance to our fave places to be visited πŸ™‚

* transportation: underground and the double decker

getting to/around: our fave mass transportation around london of course the tube and the old double decker. can be warm in autumn – wintertime and the opposite, drag us into sauna during summer. but as tom becker commented in little britain [opening speech], that’s made so moist and fragrant πŸ™‚ of course i just pick the words and there’s no relation on it. only to express how fun to use the mass transportation, a feeling that i’m not get it yet in my other country. something so “fundabeedozy” :d

* eating out at british pubs

public house [pub] changed the function throughout the years. not only serving brewery and ale as drinking establishment but also serving the meals. there are several kind of pubs which serving meals: during lunchtime only or until evening falls [dinner].

in our lists are: the minories [love the uniquely of designs, the ‘underground’ viaduct and bricks exposed un-cemented], princess of prussia, chesfire cheese [love the food, traditional english], the blackfriars [love the details of interiors and exteriors], the blue anchor and … lord moon of the mall [for guiness and strongbow’s cider].

favorite dish: sometimes we have meals and sometimes enjoy the evening falls. all gorgeous πŸ™‚


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