:: a fairytale just came true ::

(c) ukirsari

hoireann is o
hiri hiro
hari raha ra horo

saol na saol
tus ga deidreadh
ta mui beo
da deo *

[* taken from ‘the celts’ performed by eithne ni bhraonnain a.k.a enya]

~ about a lady with red coat and a horsey ~

long time ago, i watched enya’s performing a gailge [gaelic] song on a videoclip. looks so fairytale. a red coat lady is riding a white horse and passing through the portcullis and barbican of a moated castle.

where’s that?

i dream about this mysterious castle for years. since 1998. and my beloved one made it come true on 2008. when we visit … bodiam castle. terima kasih sayangku, saya cinta kamu 🙂

bodiam castle enlisted as national trust’s property. refer to lord curzon’s statement [who also involved in taj mahal conservation and maintenance project], bodiam castle is the most celebrated castle in england and owned by sir edward dalyngrigge –the former knight of king edward III.

situated in robertson’s bridge, east sussex it’s quite difficult to be reached by mass transportation. there’s infrequent buses service and train from tenterden that not matching with our timing.

(c) ukirsari

so we decided to go by car. drive from home within a perfect weather in autumn with our baby fiesta.

she’s 10 years old by now and made our trip far more easier. here three of us are taking picture together. me, baby and nicholas [as can be seen through the shadow at her door].

what a coincidence … when i set a dream to find out the castle in enya’s videoclip, in quite same moment nicholas bought this baby 😉

(c) nicholas ingram

thanks for the forests, manors and private schools and farms along the way. we love to be here in bodiam castle. including for spending time within the pillbox ex world war II which located nearby the moat.

enroute: home, m25, sandhurst, robertson’s bridge, a2110, bodiam, a2110, battle, hastings, a2110, m25, lakeside … “baz vegas” [uh, yeah 🙂 ], home again and ‘horsey’ and crisp bacon and big laugh ’till midnight!


2 thoughts on “:: a fairytale just came true ::

  1. Hai, hai. Nice journey you have here with the rest of your family.

    Teman seperjuangan, hehehe. Send my greeting to your husband and families.

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