what an exceptional autumn we’d ever have ….

this 2008’s autumn is exceptional. extra ordinary. sunshine and bright blue sky seems on our side! so, here we are. packing and start the journey.

– london just 20 minutes away from home
– east anglia and home counties are within ‘perfect perimeters’ to be discovered by our beloved car
– then up to the north, train and coach buses provided good long-distance transportation mode
– what else? of course budget airlines to covers neighbour’s island 🙂

some facts about our travels throughout uk:
* for a sentimental reason, i love aldwych, st paul, fenchurch street and tower hill in london unconditionally. yes but no but yes but no … [imitating one sketch of little britain 🙂 ], okay it’s for me, nicholas and beloved mums and dads
* we never leave london without a show or theatre. already collected some of brit actors’ autographs after their performances
* easily addicted to pret a manger’s blt and practice it at home. so crisps! cooking whilst watching comedy series then enjoy them soon
* pastorals and countrysides are always beautiful
* we found autumn is the most romantic season ever. not only the hue of the colours changing that we adore it. but saving daylight that give a longer time for sleeping!
* we do enjoy to take double decker [old ones] number 15 which lead us to tower hill, a half-way to be home again
* never enough to spend 3 hours within a museum
* we loves ruins and ’empty’ [no-one-stay-in type] castles more than ever
* ale … ale … black and cider are our favourites!
location: england, northern ireland, scotland and wales


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