a blessed year: 2 autumns in both hemispheres of the globe

refer to my beloved nicholas’ expression, “supercalifragilisticexpiealidocuous“, it’s a really mirrored a blessed moment I’d got this year.

I found and enjoyed two times fall seasons within the same year! around easter break in southern hemisphere, australia and now playing with the golden leaves in northern hemisphere, great britain.

and top notch of these experiences, it’s became an extra-ordinary autumn in my beloved second home country in the northern hemisphere. something unusual in great britain on autumn! forget the gloomy days and shower rains and bloody windy times, since clear blue sky can be seen in many places where we go travel. especially to companied our ‘breathless’ castles and ruins and old medieval cities where we’d been into.

what a perfect blue background that made our pictures looks even more beautiful! then of course, pastorals and country sides with enchanting vineyards and forests and fields in gradation colours, from light and dark green into pale yellow, from orange becomes golden in the end.

that’s the most romantic season compared another seasons in my humble opinion! just remind to a favourite poem of mine, nothing gold can stay by robert frost. which became part of my favourite movie too, the outsiders. where one of the role player ponyboy curtis read that poem whilst runaway from home … *nature first green is gold, her harder hue to hold … then leaves subsides by leaf, so eden sank to grief …  dawn goes dawn today … nothing gold can stay* [ i only write my favourite words, sorry for inconvenience]

back to the autumn in northern hemisphere, is there any complain arise? none from our sides. even when the weather changed into a murky day, we do still enjoy the moment with jackets, gloves and balaclavas. hang-out in our fave pubs and take prêt a manger’s blt, cider and black beer. it’s so … luvvly jubbely and of course, supercalifragilisticexpiealidocuous!

thanks for the ingrams who always in my heart. i love you all 🙂


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