belfast so fast!

Belfast is pretty amazing and gila too. Still cannot believe the cemetery at the top of the Falls road with 8ft deep underground wall dividing the graves of Protestant Loyalist and the graves of Republican Catholic!

As we have a bank holiday [or my dearly beloved Ukirsari rather to say ‘push hols’ or ‘boxing day’ –yes, she got the name! every holiday in between working days she loves to say ‘boxing holiday’, not only a day after Christmas Eve!] and I am awaiting a quite long time to pay a visit to Ireland, so here we go in tight schedule to the ‘Eire’.

The land that enchanting my beloved ones since long time ago, as she always interesting to practice one or two Gailge [Gaelic] words, more than “Dia duit o’ Nicholas” [can not stop smiling to remember the way she’s trying hard to do her best] or says Padhraig [Patrick] and Seamus [James], a place which is so called ‘the land behind the mist’ …. we went on budget -backpacking style- as usual with RyanAir.

19.30 friday night, 40 minutes before departure and Ukirsari keep on saying, “Nicholas, I want to have Irish tarot cards.” and yeah, oh dear … she has a cool ability in reading those cards! Mon Dieu πŸ™‚

23.20 close to midnight, creepy! get off bus and on apartment block full size mural men in ski masks written “you enter sector of belfast freedom fighters”. Ukirsari commented, “I think our baby [one of the teddybear we take along with during the trip] menangis.”

23.44 already in our lodge, reading the travel book. it says still remains wall dividing protestant and catholic. and after 5 pm the border will be closed.

06.58 we got shower and makan pagi. Then go on a tour to Giant Causeway.

17.53 enjoyed the day in Ireland. We see castles, beautiful coast of North Ireland and finish at world heritage site Giant Causeway.

17.22 day two in Ireland. Today we walk along Shankill and Falls Road to see murals and dividing Security Wall. Weird but very bagus! Then Titanic birthplace and Mount Nelson’s ‘Hidung’ πŸ™‚

20.45 on the way back home. Still in ‘arguing’ about ‘carrot’ tarot cards or RyanAir’s scratch card [of course jokingly saying since we’re home with big smile πŸ™‚ ]


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