the unforgetable pinnacles

an eerie feeling

(c) ukirsari

standing there by the middle of west australian desert. walking amongst the gigantic limestone pillars. like an archway, a gateway to another world!

are the formations looks like moon’s landscape? can be. or is there a huge graveyard with thousand tombstone? probably –even in the fact … it’s not a graveyard in there! it’s eerie but breathtaking scenery in front of me.

and i am so glad to be here in the pinnacles. devils’ playground. the huge graveyard. the moon’s landscape. name it …. just simply beautiful, from dawn to dusk.

my memorable desert visit, after cycling to luxor el mohareb desert in 2005 with beloved nicholas ku.

is there a dead-end?

walking and keep on walking. picturing and picturing once more time. companied by flies sometimes and somehow.

wondering about a dead-end in this huge desert. seems there’s no end. and becomes more and more interesting, every time i go further afield.

there are more than 2 beaches and 1 lake to be visited. but for me, the pinnacles make my heart’s melting since the first time i was there!

a day of contrast

leaving busy towns and find the pathway to the heart of the desert. i found this experience is so relaxing and lots of memories. because of the limestone formations, the winds blowing, the mills and tranquility of this place.

some resources telling the pinnacles can be so touristy. but how lucky i was …. just our bus here with 14 people on board. so … can be enjoyed by my own. cheers, honey 🙂 [the way to say thanks in australian way. i just learn 😉 ]

favorite thing: cervantes is bloody miles away from perth. but i definitely must go to see the gorgeous limestone pillars called the pinnacles.

fondest memory: cervantes –spanish name– itself is taken from a shipwreck which is given name after the writer of don quixote. this small lively town is a home for crayfish [giant lobster] to be exported. but for me, there’s no more interesting than reach cervantes to go further down to see the pinnacles.

situated within nambung national park, the pinnacles is so easily win my heart to be visited. yellow bright sand at the desert looks so perfect as the foreground and background for the gigantic limestone pillars. a truely natural photography delight.

must see activities:

* the gorgeous pinnacles

a must visited place at nambung national park is the pinnacles. 3 – 4 m high limestone pillars just spread along the desert, about 500 hectares. make sure to have ample time from dusk ’till dawn to get the best pictures.

(c) ukirsari

the limestone formations of the pinnacles created about hundred years ago. whenever winds blowing the calcium material of marine life to the coastal zone. created the sand dunes and deformation by rains [acidity], roots of the plants plus wind and sands themselves. then the rocky formations still remains.

the main group of the pinnacles known as the tombstones. and the others …. just use your illusion to give entitlements.

there’s a loop of 3.5 km walk or use 4wd car [bus is not allowed] to explore this area. my choice goes to walk for sure!

warning! do not climb the stones, please!

this warning is to be addressed for everybody who pay a visit to the pinnacles. there’s a signboard mentioned do not climb the rock formation and not allowed to go in with big cars [over than a normal car, bigger than a jeep or sedan]. please pay attention for this mandatory with caring and carefully to keep the environment.

* going to the beaches at cervantes

there are several beaches option to be visited to soaking yourself from the hot sunny day. there are:

(c) ukirsari

– thirsty point
– hangover bay
– kangaroo point
– jurien beach marine park
– hansen bay

* lake thetis and cyanobacteria

lake thetis is a home for stromatolites or colony of cyanobacteria, one of the oldest living organism on earth, about 2,000 years of age! it’s created sedimentation and further becomes hard material like a rock. the layer of its rock will keep increasing as long as the cyanobacteria stay alive. and if eventually die, if will be fossilied stromatolites.

packing lists: comfy boots for the desert

(c) ukirsari

luggage and bags: for day trip to nambung national park, mid-size daypack with ample of water and snacks is enough.

clothing/shoes/weather gear: cotton tee-shirt and comfy trouser which is matching to the desert atmosphere. and especially for boots/trainers should be pay attention too. there are flies, snakes and some of desert animals in the environment, so covers your feet is necessary indeed. and do not forget, bring your hat. better if can covers most of your face and neck.

toiletries and medical supplies: sunblock in highest spf, example +35. and mosquito repellent to protect your body from the insects and flies. flies is the number one enemy whenever i take pictures!

photo equipment: plenty of recharged battery since the scenery is so breathtaking 🙂

where to stay:

cervantes lodge: coastal bushland in front of me
nice place to stay in budget style, situated at thirsty point, not so far from the gateway of nambung national park to see the gorgeous pinnacles.

unique qualities: dormitory consist of 4, 6 to 8 person with windows overlooking to the coastal bushland. can be reached easily with greyhound bus and stop at petrol station. AUD$25 per person

(c) ukirsari

address: 91 seville street, thirsty point, cervantes

* alternatively, can take camping with tent at the pinnacles caravan park, 35 aragon street

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