exploring freo

(c) ukirsari

favorite thing:

addressing fremantle with ‘freo’ as locals did reflecting the charm of the city. especially the old quarter from freo’s train station to direction high street and kings square. it’s beautiful. an architectural delights for my eyes and my camera.

fondest memories:

wander around old freo in one fine day with dearly anna negulic. she’s proudly show me her beautiful city!

and in the other day, relaxing myself by wandering alone in the old freo and take a nap under the cedar tree at marine terrace square.

and of course, speaking about freo i will never forgot to mention about shipwreck museum and the old buildings from high street, kings square to essex street.

what to see:

(c) ukirsari

* an adorable place [by me] … shipwreck museum

never across in my mind that name “batavia” is so familiar and spread national wide in australia. it’s an old name of jakarta, where i live now. and given by the dutch during the reigning era of vereenigde oost indische compagnie [voc].

batavia also refer into a name of a dutchman/voc tall-ship where in her maiden voyage from texel [the netherlands] to batavia [indonesia] enroute good hope cape in africa got mutiny and sailing adrift to the western coastal zone of australia and sank at houtman abrolhos islands.

i learn this history by visiting freo’s shipwreck museum. a place where i fall in love with. since the display was superb. including the hull which remain from the sinking batavia. and there are more dutchman tall-ships which sank along western coastal zone of australia. such as: vergulde draeck, zuytdorp and zeewijk.

and more interesting, there’s no entrance fee necessary but donation AUD$2. seems not matching with the informations and displays that i get further 🙂

* freo’s town hall and kings square

in the heart of old freo. at the intersection of queen street and high street and william street can be found the town hall. standing tall and mirrored its history from the past, hourly the watch of this town hall will ring a bell.

and in every single side of this building can be seen the statue of black swan. an icon of swan river colony, the first name for perth and around [including freo]. then next to the building is a monument of john curtin [1885 – 1945], an australian prime minister in world war II era. he’s the only one prime minister [so far] who’s born in western australia.

further afield, can be found an catholican church.

* old buildings in freo

thanks to notre dame university of fremantle in doing ‘magic’ to the old quarter of freo. made them looks bright and well-maintenance and of course lots of characters. charming and enchanting.

it’s nice to be explored by foot and just take a drink in cafe strip [cappucccino strip] whenever you feel a bit tired. this area also known as a heaven for those who like photography. including to make pre-wedding pictures.

* finally i had met with sir moss’ cooper climax!

(c) ukirsari

being an automotive sport journalist and travel writer, one of my dream [start 10 years ago 😉 ] is to tracking down the cooper climax from sir stirling moss, one of the british legendary driver ace in world war era.

and whenever this race car is displayed in front of me, i just can hardly breathing. it’s so cool!

entrance fee: AUD$9.50

* the original prison, round house

situated at the hilly area to direction to the sea made round house can be recognized easily from high street and little high street.

actually it’s an original prison and there’s a lane which connected the building to the sea. and also have cannon in the back of its place, overlooking bather’s beach. and noted as the state’s oldest building.

* fishing boat harbour and the jetty

there’s a monument at fishing boat harbour, entitled ‘to the fishermen’. to commemorate the braveness of fishermen who were sailing away from europe to australia and build a brand new life here. and included in there are their names. mostly spaniards, italianos and croatians.

and along the mews road are strolling cafes and restaurants. with fish and chips as the primadona amongst the eateries.

* to the beach anyone?

unarguably, beach destination in freo is cottlesloe. but this is not the only place where you can swim and enjoy the weekend. you can jump to the blue water in several places nearby freo, such as:

(c) ukirsari

– bather’s beach
– john graham reserve’s beach [at woodman point]
– leighton beach

* fremantle street arts festival

there’s annual festival which held in freo every easter [march 22th – 24th] and for 2008 it’s became their 10 years of appearance in the public.

free of charge and non-smoking mandatory and located in front of fremantle market.


(c) ukirsari

by train:

freo is very accessible to be reached by train from perth. just take ticket from the machine, zone 2, AUD$3.40 one way. passing enroute perth-subiaco-daglish-karrakatta-freo. it’s less than 30 minutes and a nice ride.

by ferry:

just take ticket from barrack street jetty from perth to direction fermantle. it’s a nice ferry trip by swan river. passing enroute perth’s city scrapers to direction old freo in front of e shed market.

where and what to spoil your tummy:

several resto along the jetty and essex street: fish and chips to waffle and coffee

what do you want to have during visit freo? you can choose lots of eateries that served by cafes and restaurants. especially in old freo.

– for locals fave, fish and chips, go to the jetty and find several resto in there. one of them is jack’s shack. for tomato and ketchup, you need to order. but vinegar and salt are available on the table. it’s around AUD$25 per dish, not included drink.

– for delicious savoury and sweet pastries, you can find it at fremantle market. also kinds of bread and whole grain wheat bread [such as made in new norcia, called new norcia sourdough]. it’s AUD$3.60 for savoury pastry and AUD$6.50 for the bread. also have tea and coffee and several kind of meals [including noodles] in the market.

– for waffle cafe, pizza, seafood and romantic dining, essex street is an option. not so far from fremantle market. my fave from the market is spinach and ricotta cheese pie and fish and chips at the jetty nearby freo fishing harbour.

where to stay overnight:

pirates backpackers: close to the market
nice place to be. close to the freo market and marine terrace and the jetty. the problem is … with all of cafes and restaurants along essex street, it can be noisy on the weekend and festival days [such as fremantle street arts festival] but also lively.

small, comfy and anything within walking distance.
prices: US$20-40
address: 11 essex street, freo
directions: not so far from fremantle market

(c) ukirsari


2 thoughts on “exploring freo

  1. Kemana saja nih nggak muncul di wikimu? atau aku kurang awas?

    Keren foto-fotonya…walaupun sedikit terganggu dengan tulisan (C)ukirsari…salah satu cara menjaga hak pribadi ya?! He..he…he…ajarin ya nanti (kalau aku sudah bisa motret dengan bagus he..he…he…)

  2. hi mbak retty! thanks to drop a line 🙂
    iya nih, sudah lama absen dari wikimu karena kurang waktu, hehehe. tapi janji, nanti pasti kembali [kok kayak lirik lagu aja ya? 😉 ]
    pasti, nanti aku bagikan caranya membuat ‘orang terganggu’ opps maksudnya agar tahu sebuah benda yang dimiliki orang lain itu, mesti perlu ijin kalau mau digunakan atau dipinjam. bener nggak, sih? 🙂

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