visiting tonkin family farm house

(c) ukirsari

i’m going to coomberdale to pay a visit to the workshop of western australia’s rural woman of the year 2001, mrs rhonda tonkin and her lovely wildflowers workshop.

she’s a nice person to be talking with. so helpful and like to share the info and … still look-after her workshop and the souvenir shop by herself.

“ohh, this must be rhonda’s day!” she’s smiling whenever i ask her to take a picture of us, then continued with several ladies after me.

having lunch in her farm is pretty enjoyable. glad to be there and got some useful info about western australia’s wild flowers.

and i fall in love with banksia prionotes, one of the iconic flowers of western australia.

* my fondest memory of coomberdale:

visiting coomberdale is somewhat unplanned within my itinerary. just browsing on the net about great northern highway from perth to new norcia and cervantes [nambung national park] and here i am … found interesting sources about dried flowers farm.

after passing the winery regions at upper swan then heading to moora and those bushlands, finally i found western wild flower farm with another visitors within a bus.

* what to see here:

spending time to walk around western wildflower farm is nice. rhonda will happily show you how to make dried flowers also provided a souvenir shop with western australia’s wild flowers as the main theme. and can have lunch and teatime here too. it’s a nice farm visit, apart of hot weather of western australia!

* what to buy at western wild flower farm souvenir shop:

the souvenir shop is rather small, but there’s a complete collections to whom who likes dried flowers and flowery themes in daily stuffs.

(c) ukirsari

can be found magnetic holders, framed dried flowers, bouquettes and dried flowers and foliages and moss that gives you idea to make your own creation.
another are several daily stuffs, from socks, apron to address book with thematic pattern and drawings of western australia’s wild flowers.

and what to pay is from AUD$2 [pot pourri], AUD$2.95 [magnetic holder] to AUD$50, depend on your favourite items here.

* what to have in between visiting:

have lunch at rhonda’s kitchen!

(c) ukirsari

it’s an open lounge inside rhonda tonkin’s workshop. visitor can take a light meal for lunch. there’s a huge table where can be found bread and whole grain wheat bread with many kind of assortments and sauces. from ham, smoked beef to cheese, lettuce, tomato, pineapple, mustard and thousand island’ dressings, salads, coleslaw and home-made jam and several hot soup. plus made-your-own hot drinks and a fridge with cool drinks. it’s cool!

my favourite dish: make my own sandwiches and salad 🙂

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