a street named essex in freo

(c) ukirsari

wander around fremantle [or addressed dearly as ‘freo’ by locals] for me personally is something delighted. the architectural side, vibrant of its city, fresh breeze and the harbour …. oh dear, give me a longer holiday to be spent in this cozy place, please!

(c) ukirsari

the town hall is the heart of old freo. then following by the round house, cappuccino strip, fremantle market, the jetty and the monument ‘to the fishermen’ and several old buildings within 1 km perimeter of the town hall and not to be missed is the shipwreck maritime museum which i fall in love with.

and how about essex street?

essex street, is the main road to reach fremantle market which located nearby intersection of essex street, henderson street, south terrace and market street.

when i was there at the second day of visiting freo, it was held the annual fremantle street arts festival [march 22nd – 24th]. so, can be felt the soul of the city. so colourful!

but why this essex street sounds something pretty familiar for me? oh, just easy peasy. it’s about nicholas. but our essex is in england. i dedicated this picture for the only sayangku 🙂

(c) ukirsari


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