first impression about perth, the most isolated capital city in the world

a laid back capital city in southern hemisphere

(c) ukirsari

“this city was founded on the 12th august 1829 by the felling of a tree near this spot” that’s what i’d read at the town hall, city of perth.

never across in my mind, this vibrant and laid back city can be so accessible by foot. i mean i assumed the roads will be so huge and lots of cars parked in every corner of the streets. but i was wrong. even there’s available free service buses called “cat” [yellow, green and blue], i prefer to walk from northbridge to downtown and vice versa every single day. since i love the old buildings that remains here.

hoping will be here again someday!

further afield to the northbridge

(c) ukirsari

one of my fave activities in the morning is walking along from robinson avenue [the place where i live during my stay in perth] to st george’s terrace via william street. it’s cool. with a cool breeze in the wintertime.

lots of cafes and resto [including italian and asian cuisines] showing their capabilities in dressing up old buildings into cozy dining places.

one of them, oh … can not help but smile. this aida thing! there are two sphinxes in front door which remain me to my trip to luxor with beloved nicholas and there’s sheesha table [for smoking] inside and interior from 1001 nights.

my first sunset in southern hemisphere

(c) ukirsari

refer to the fact that i can not visit my lovely pinnacles at nambung national park in the evening [we can only have half day in there, join with a local tour], i try to catch a beautiful evening sky whilst i am in the plane. it’s superb. my first sunset in southern hemisphere.


4 thoughts on “first impression about perth, the most isolated capital city in the world

  1. Hi, this is Sue from Tabblo:) I am going to Perth in June, so I was happy to find your post on the city:) Any other recommendations?

  2. sue!!!! what an honour to have your comments in my posting about australia. you are most welcome and soon we’ll back into our beloved tabblo. just wait 😉

    my recommendation about perth? it’s definitely a compact city. nice to be explored by foot. and there are “cat” free shuttle buses divided into 3 areas [green, yellow and blue].

    things should not be missed [sorry, not yet written here on my dearly bloggie:
    – western australia museum, old churches and buildings [especially situated at st george’s terrace].
    – further afield, take a ferry from barrack jetty to south perth and see the old things remain, such as old perth mill and theatre.
    – then to kings park [you can spend the whole day in there, since there are bushland, parks of flowers and foliages and aborigines dance performances and of course memorial park [i love the gallipoli ones!]
    – then going down by the swan river to freo [fremantle] where i’m falling in love with the old buildings so easily 🙂

    * about western australia in a brief, i put here on my bloggie:

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