long way down for my teenager memories*

(c) ukirsari

gallipoli and uncle tobys

first thing across in my mind whenever i hear the word “australia” or terra australis incognita a.k.a nouva guinea [as appears in the pretty old portuguese map in the wreckship museum in freo or fremantle] is about something called ‘gallipoli‘. a heroic australian soldiers scenes in the first world war which already filmed with mel gibson [frank dunne] and mark lee [archibald ‘lasalles’ hamilton] as the main roles. this is my fave movie altogether with my beloved dad.

then, based on my geography class at school also spent half of my childhood and teenager moments in moluccas islands within indonesia archipelago, australia continent lies not so far from ambon, my second home. there was a huge annual sailing race from darwin to ambon where i always attend with my beloved family at jos sudarso harbour, ambon. and also in halong.

later, also when i was teenager, my mum likes to give australian made uncle tobys muesli bars for me, when i start packing for traveling.

more and more about australia in my memories still linger. until i found a picture about the eerie pinnacles at nambung national park, which is rise up my curiosity. i want to be there, someday. and thank God, i made it today.

talking about all of these stories in one fine day at freo with dearly anna negulic [vt member willy_wonka]. so, about our meeting itself, it’s truely a miracle. how we can be friends and feel so close and sharing experiences and stories. but, frankly speaking about distances and opportunities to have visit a country, it’s a hard work. a hard job to earn and saving money to be spent for a thing called traveling. it’s never be a miracle, isn’t it? šŸ™‚ except, we won billion dollars lottery so we feel pay nothing for all of these around the world’s journeys šŸ˜‰

why heading to the west?

(c) nicholas ingram

visit southern hemisphere is something brand new for my own. and refer to my explanation about traveling is not a miracle but a hard work, well … i have to think pretty specific about destinations within australia.

and ever since i fall in love with the pinnacles [and its sand-dunes] also the passion of tracking down about batavia shipwreck [where the capital city of indonesia, jakarta got this name in old dutch colonial era] i decided to go to western australia. and after reading several articles, i want to pay a visit to new norcia, the only benedictine abbey in australia. so? yes, definitely fly to perth!

plus, a bonus when i meet up with a charming and enchanting old lady, wilma tucker. i “owe” her something: hoping our paths will cross again someday and i have an opportunity to pay a visit her at victoria, her homeland.

about batavia shipwreck

(c) nicholas ingram

laying at the seabed about 300++ years [343 years at the sea before the excavation has been started] nearby houtman abrolhos islands a.k.a batavia graveyard, i finally found this massive-huge tall-ship called “batavia“.

and not only her was sailing adrift [before sinking] to western coasts of australia. but at least another three tall-ships in different periods. they’re: vergulde draeck, zuytdorp and zeewijk.

* entitlement inspired by ewan mcgregor and charlie boorman’s long way around and long way down book and dvds


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