cap go meh in kota, oud batavia

cap go meh in kota

(c) ukirsari

cap go meh. this is the culmination of indonesians chinese in celebrating their new year’s eve.

it takes about 2 weeks after imlek or sinchia or chinese new year itself, whenever everybody greetings, “gong xi fa cai.”

there’s a chinatown nearby oud batavia [kota] in the northern part of jakarta. simply known in our language as ‘pecinan’ [chinatown] which divided into several districts like glodok and gloria and pintu kecil and kemurnian. those are refer to its postal addresses from long time ago.

and here we were. celebrated cap go meh in pecinan kota. things that we love most is the architectural side of these areas. some of them still remain nowadays.

the temples are dominated by red colour. also the clothes of the worshipers. said that red colour brings good luck and prosperity.

meanwhile the houses in narrow lines put the lanterns [can be very small or huge] as the main ornament in celebrating imlek and cap go meh.

one of the unique architecture within pecinan kota is church sancta maria de fatima. the mission brought by the portuguese and the building still using chinese accentuation in this very day.

and should not be missed is the dragon dancing or known by indonesians as “barongsai”.

beside performed for all the attendants of this event, barongsai dancing became far more interesting since local government made a competition amongst the performers.

which ones our favourite? many of them. we do like the ambience of this celebration.

gong xi fa cai! zhu ni heng duo cheng gong!


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