is that bloody difficult to say an apologize [from stealing and misusing picture’s case]?

the boring and very tiring moments to act against piracy and misused purpose of my dearly picture still on the go. and I have to say that I had met with a very unprofessional person and institution.on February 14th 2008, I had read a very-mini-tiny column at Klasika, Kompas newspaper. And I had made a copy as appears in here.

* copy from klasika kompas, february 14th 2008 page 37

the most funny thing, a very big laugh from my side whenever finally I see the reality about how misbehave and ‘humourous’ they are [the agency and the person who act as a negotiator] in processing this case. my conclusion: they are not serious and they have no respect about something called “copyrighted material [s]”.

can be read in there [in a very fluently accent of mine, in my mother tongue, bahasa Indonesia]: Ralat Foto.

what the hell are they talking about by writing this words? Ralat Foto means “misplacement picture or/and with/without credit title“. in this case, this explanation drives the readers’ opinions to a misinterpretation!

misplacement” [ralat] word only can be used if there’s already an agreement between me and the agency to put the picture in the newspaper and they’re fail to put my name in the credit title!

but this one? what else if they are not stealing my picture from my weblog and personal website!

so the only word that can be used here is “permohonan maaf” or translated into english as ‘with our/my humbleness to be forgiven and a lot of sorry

oh boy! are the word apologize and sorry too expensive to be said? where’s the manner and act with a braveheart to admit “yes, that’s our mistake”? how arrogant and as I said before, misbehave.

or, this is only a trick, since if there’s written “permohonan maaf” it means they’ll lose their dignity and confess that they do something really wrong. a crime in different way. but I rather to think, this is about mentality and manner.

and here, I write the chronological of my meeting with the ad agency. the negotiator had objection, whenever I say “I would like to write the case online in order everybody who has the same experience like mine will feel they are not alone against the piracy.”

I don’t care about her and her institution [s], since they don’t care about me either. first, I think, “I can wait for a better result and good will for everybody.” but now, “once you try to play with me, you know that’s a very bad manner and mentality which can not be accepted. If you said about dignity, I have my pride too with my own name and my creativity.”

just a note, to be honest I hate to write and record all of this stupid meeting here. it’s just like giving a pee or a poo in my own dearly weblog. but this is the good lesson for everybody how to respect others!

* the meeting attended by 2 person from the agency [names: Iranda Regina Adriaansz and Andry]. Ira is the project officer and marketing and the other one is artician for the ad. Finally I got the full name of the agency: Sentra Media Pariwara, Jakarta.

* I start with explanation “from where you get my picture from?” and they let me know, the person who has responsibility already resigned 3 days ago. This is not professional in my opinion!

* They can’t say clearly from where it was taken and only mentioned ‘internet accesses’. I say, “Excuse me, do you know a thing called search engine? When you find a picture and you click it, no matter in English or our language, you can read, “The picture might be smaller caused by resized and might be copyrighted material”.

* I told them, the sources of my picture can be taken from my personal weblog and but kindly noted, pictures from my weblog I’d got by linked to my vt pages, since my weblog doesn’t have feature for ‘ready-to-see’ placement picture.

* Then I describe them about what vt is and who is Giampiero as General Manager of vt and continued with reading his e-mail. And easily they commenting, ‘Yes, yes … we are. Not professional and already done wrong.”

* conclusion of the meeting:

1 the agency will write apologize statement at the same page/column where my picture had been misused few week in the future [my note: done by February 14th 2008 with a very wrong interpretation for the readers. thank you very much]

2 they will write apologize letter about stolen my picture through my personal weblog that linked on my vt page. It will be addressed to me and copy must be send to the ad manager of the newspaper [Klasika c/o Kompas] and ad desk of Sriwijaya Air [my note: not done yet, maybe they will be disappear ever since term number 1 already put in the column]

3 compensation from Sriwijaya Air because they got benefit from this case: never take a picture about Belitung but got entitlement ‘documentation by Sriwijaya Air’. The agency will try to get free tickets from me, since as a client the airlines just give the payment of ad but not preparing the material [my note: to be honest, I don’t care with lips service and I’m not in *begging* mode]

4 compensation money being stolen and misused picture for ad, it will be cost IDR 500,000 [approx USD49] as the same rate per picture used price in the newspaper. And my reaction, “That will be the correct price, if you do the correct procedure: make a call to my number or contact by e-mail whatsoever since I am not anonymous on my own weblog. But in this case, you definitely stealing for a purpose and used as an advertorial!”

point number [4], I would like to say remain “deadlock” since more I listen to them, more funny in my ears and way of thinking.

like this, Iranda said, “The maximum will be IDR 1 million [or USD90] and it’s collected money from me, my assistant and the crew that involved in this project. so, as you can see us working from ad, we can not give more for you.”

she explained how her boss makes rewards and punishments. the money will be collected from the group in the project then give it to me -excluding the bastard person that already resigned because of daddedadeeda blah blah. wow! it’s absolutely absurd. she added, “Maybe can more, paid by the company but still our salary will be cut every month until the balance of the sum that mentioned.”

I replied, “So, you are here for private visit or in official? And how about my feeling being have picture is stolen and the picture misused as an ad like that?”

she’s definitely difficult to answer. and I say, “Listen, I am not a greedy person to ask anything fantastic sum, but the thing you must pay here is … the courtesy fee or can be said ‘your regret to use a copyrighted material without any prior permission’. and I want to repeat it: I’m not into money oriented. but you know, you already done wrong.”

then within two days of the conversation, USD90 had been landed in my account. and I send back her sms from dearly Miss Iranda, “thank you but this not my decision and that’s not the deal we’re talking about. I would like to meet you up and I will give you back the sum for your convenience since that’s collected from your co-workers.”

she set a new meeting and the USD90 still in my account for future “agreements” that’s drive me nowhere. one of them already realized by that small-mini-very tiny column on the newspapers, that will never get attention by the readers but a comment, “oh, a misplaced entitlement.” *what a big joke*

note for my beloved dad:

Pap, I write this only one day before your ‘a year leaving home’. I have mixed feeling, hate to face these cowards who stolen my intellectual rights and feeling blue being missing you.

but the silverlining I had … I can make you proud of me, by a very small thing; how to make others [those thieves] behave in putting my name — such a beautiful name which was given by you– in a proper way and as it should be. to pay a respect towards a name [mine] as the creator and owner. and I know they do that with unrespect feeling, arrogant and losing faces. thanks to teach me how to talk straight forward and be an honest and brave person! I love you so much.

** the version in bahasa Indonesia can be read here **


6 thoughts on “is that bloody difficult to say an apologize [from stealing and misusing picture’s case]?

  1. my goodness… what have you done to you dearly. seems that they are not giving due credits to individuals effort. hope this will be over soon. take care my friend.

  2. maraming salamat po! ako ng angry towards this case. many similar cases happened on the net, like mine. and hoping you’ll never meet people who have no manner like them. they just think “oh, how much is it?” then finish the story. but sum is nothing compared with etiquette, isn’t it? so dearly hijacker [s], your karma will be footprinted on the net!

  3. hah! finally! i’m glad this is over and you got what is yours. although they are being difficult about it, but at least one thing is settled: you were robbed but now the robber has confessed and your right are served.

    congrats, arie… sorry it was a pain in the butt process!

  4. hiha diny! thanks so much for your support and gorgeous comments.

    yes, there’s lots of pain and what a “smart” trick they did: how to make a thief [and their side] look-like a victim and change the circumstance 180 degrees, turn the victim [me!] into “begging” mode, who ask the problem solving and sum for misused picture.

    but i am out of this game! never say yes [or accept] all misbehave manner and etiquette, especially related with robbery.

    once they steal someone else’s material, forever their case will appears on the net. and they should have big-huge hearts for accept this. and made their own labels at their foreheads “yes, we did [stolen] and it’s so difficult to make a confession”. what a crap and narrowmindedness heads they had, aren’t they?!

  5. thank you so much mbak retty! someday they will read this completely and feel regret. tell to themselves, “where are our etiquette and manner and press-etiquette-code going away? 🙂

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