susahnya jadi independent traveler dari indonesia

have you ever think about this seriously … being an independent traveler, a backpacker, solo backpacker with bold label, sticker on your forehead “made in indonesia” alias … “aku ini orang indonesia yang ingin melanglangbuana sebagai petualang independent”?

first comes out from the mouths [of people] about me as a girl, “mengapa sendirian, kamu perempuan lagi?” that’s okay, i can manage an answer that sounds cool even so strange in their ears. simplify i can say, “if everybody else can go, i can do the same, can’t i?”

second, about a very important thing in front of my nose. yes, my rabbit nose as beloved nicholas call me sometimes if he miss me a lot [thanks being so sweet as always, sweetheart]. i have to be brave and keep smiling, even i lost my valuable usd100 before departure. or “satu juta rupiah” in the name of, “lady, you must pay uang fiskal a.k.a fiscal to leave your country.”

excuse me … this is my country, so in what purpose i have to lose my [valuable] money, big grant … only in the name “fiskal”? can i have a very detail explaination to where my money will ‘flowing’ [going in]? and in what point i have to lose a sum of money from my pocket where i can use it for more important thing abroad, such as for accommodation [oh yeah … even in west europe, it’s still meaningful, since i can find a dormitory for usd25 per day! and imagine if i travel in south east asia. my lovely room, with wooden panels and ceiling and bathtub with hot shower in luang phabang cost usd20 and my stay in macau at auguster’s cost mop80] and nice meals.

and if said it will be distributed to the government body that look after the airport, well … soekarno-hatta airport stays the same as always. and my beloved nicholas, even he can talk a bloody good bahasa indonesia, sometimes an officer greetings him, “do you have something for me?” *pfuiihhhhh* nonsense assumption if going through “there”.

another explaination saying, “this usd100 to make the citizen thinking twice if they want to go abroad.” oh, this is more ‘interesting’. thinking twice? how if the condition i take abroad destination caused local destinations more expensive than to go abroad? still hanging like an old ‘anecdote’ … “mau jalan-jalan di negeri sendiri kok masih susah.”

third … worse than that … as independent solo backpacker, i need sponsorship letter to have visa from “popular destinations” throughout united states of america and europe destinations. oh boy! return tickets and deposits in the bank means nothing [unless i have sums of idr 50 million, minimum!].

as a person who didn’t like play ‘game’ as i wrote above [is this so called part of bureaucracy and or a non-ending-labyrinth?] i don’t like to get into this situation. imagine, return tickets means i will back to my country. if happened long long time ago and before –the embassies count the ‘history’– that several indonesians can be ‘runaway’ and decided to get out of country in working purpose [without any working visa], the person is not me. so … please don’t make it as the same case, sir! please treat every person within personal way and use ‘scanners’ in your brain and mind!

and the word ‘sponsorship letter’ sounds i need a help to be supported. same question, for what purpose? for me, it’s equal with i have to be a dependent person [even towards the person i really love! you know, if i love somebody, i always do it as unconditional thing. so, ask him to do this in the name of ‘the rule mentioned sponsorship letter’ is absolutely unfair].

then, if sponsorship letter comes out from a company where i am working, oh … gimme a break. the embassies need annual profit report of the company, as a prove they are eligible to pay my salary, therefore i don’t need to runaway to find a better job abroad.

*rolleyes* everything sounds funny for me.

see that? difficult, lots of pain and i feel treated as non-equal-non-existant person by a thing called bureaucracy. but in the other hand … i [also beloved nicholas] always love travels. maybe all of these difficultness counted as parts of the travel itself? we do believe in karma!

(c) ukirsari


4 thoughts on “susahnya jadi independent traveler dari indonesia

  1. Arie, I feel you. I still have my Indonesian visa. Whenever our family is planning to go on a vacation, I’m the only one who needs paperwork in getting visa and whatnot. When they know that I’m Indonesian, the requirement gets even harder. Probably think that I’m an extremist, he he he…

    Btw, punya imel-nya Krisna gak Rie?

  2. yes diny, those procedures and requirements are so sucks! the most convenient only happened if i ask for south-east asia countries which still mentioned visa permits [maybe the consellors were jumpy whenever read ‘indonesian’ and they realize ‘she’s from the biggest archipelago in the world’ hehehe 🙂 ], several asia, africa and uae countries. the rest?! just exactly as i write down here. and ohhh …. you still have the problem outta there?! can be understood, diny, since the label on your forehead is: iki wong indonesia! this is ironic, so unfair!

    * e-mail address terbaru krisye nggak sempat nanya. tapi dia janji akan berkunjung ke weblog mu. coba deh ke kyllow kayak biasanya *

  3. waduh repot nya jadi seorang backpacker,birokrasi endo mempersulit warga, ngubek ngubek di endo dan kepengen nongol ke jendela luar susahnya, ya.
    dengan english terbata-bata diriku coba ke sing, malay dan thailand. itu pun setelah mengumpulkan doa dan duit tabungan orng demi uang tunjuk di kedutaan 🙂
    abis mo ke eropa musti menang dulu undian.
    banyak sekali esai yg musti di jawab dan di isi. susahnya jadi wong endo..hahaha.

    Backpacker tidak mengenal budaya dan kasta karena yang
    terkandung di dalamnya ada lah upaya sendiri melakukan perjalanan sesuai dengan kehendak hatinya. menikmati hidup dengan cara memanggul ransel dan note book 🙂 tapi kenapa birokrasi malah mengenal budaya dan kasta nya kita. salam kenal mba! semoga lancar buat mba segalanya.

  4. salam kenal juga, mas deni. thanks buat dukungannya. tapi aku nggak punya dan nggak bawa-bawa notebook kalo lagi backpacking. always travel light 🙂

    all the best ….

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