Visiting Oesau

I do enjoy something i learn from my Dad … pay a visit to war cemeteries and museums and or open museums anywhere we go on travels. So, since I was a kid, going to these places is always great.

(c) ukirsari

Contemplating myself about old, past, histories and heroism and patriotism.

Sometimes histories written by different point of views.

But in other way, the heroic acts always leave something in my heart: how to be brave and struggle against difficult circumstances.

So here I am with Mum at Oesau, west Timor. Pay a visit to the ANZAC Memorial.

* picture courtesy of my mum, R Ngt Ninik Soepijono

This memorial is dedicated to the 2/40th Australian Infantry Battalion Sparrow Force and Timorese people who died in their mission on February 20th, 1942 against Japanese. Known by local as “ANZAC Memorial”.

Even not so many people understand about this small memorial, it’s still worth a visit for us, me and Mum. To commemorate the battle against enemies and contemplating ourselves, how nice to create a world without wars and enemies.

Something that made me feeling bad was about a “cool” graffiti on the left side of the monument. Written in there “yo”. That’s why in taking picture, I block in front of the graffiti, or close it with my palm. Hoping the government will look after this area.

This posting is dedicated to my beloved Dad, passed away February 19th 2007 and the battle of Oesau which held on February 20th, 1942. I love you so much!


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