Further to the East

Raised up in the beautiful places within chain of spice islands in Indonesia made me so dearly with things called oceans, islands, eastern part of Indonesia’s archipelago and life in the ocean.

* picture courtesy of my mum, r ngt ninik soepijono, about me and sasando maestro mr jeremias august pah

Not only caused by my Dad was in the navy, nor about my background in the university as oceanographer. But tracking down my childhood memories, I can’t stay away from the sea! Sometimes, I feel ocean’s calling!

And this time becomes a perfect time to ask my Mum to company me. Heading to the southernmost of our archipelago. Flying further to the east, after Bali and Lombok in west Nusa Tenggara region.

To Timor, one of the island within Lesser Sunda Group, in the east Nusa Tenggara region.

Of course we got so many questions according to this decision, jump-off to Timor island, west Timor particularly and further afield to Timor Leste. But they [from who the questionnaires comes] should admit, everybody have their own perspective in visiting a place.

I know, Timor island is a dry land, have small-little towns and the vegetation on the beaches are not coconut trees but mostly spiky lontar trees. That’s so enchanting me –in the opposite of their opinions. So it doesn’t need further explaination. We just back from Timor 🙂 And we did enjoy our trip!


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