visit batusangkar

the fragrance of fresh coffee beans just flowing in the air. a monkey picks the coconuts from the trees. water mills …. remind me of an american tv series when i was a kid; the apples family [one of the main role was vincent van patten as paul apple, before he start his career as a tennis pro].

(c) ukirsari

the atmosphere was so laid back. from tabing patah to harau valley and payakumbuh, we stop by at istana basa pagaruyuang [pagaruyung palace].

well, the huge massive pagaruyung palace was gorgeous. no doubt to say it. but refer to the guide said, “this is a replica palace, made-in 1980s after the original ones burned long long time ago.” OH!

then we go, further afield by the road and find a small river in a district called belimbing. “stop, stop, stop!!!!!” coincidentally nick and i ask the driver to stop. in front of us, an old … a very very old wooden mosque was standing still. very enchanting. we love it. and love more, whenever we stop at kampai tuo nan panjang. a forgotten old long house nearby.

even not so much trekking we did at batusangkar, we enjoy the scenic route very much. mountaineous range and hilly areas around tabing patah. surrounded by mist in early morning and night fall. stop for moment to enjoy a cup of coffee and local snacks …. ahhhhh!!!

our fave in batusangkar are:
* kampai tuo nan panjang
this site is already mentioned as one of the situs cagar budaya [heritage site] in the area of west sumatra and riau. a long house about a hundred years old and contents of almost 10 families stayed together.

now, everyone has gone and remain an old man, the guardian also the youngest in his generation. and his age almost 90 years old. still fluently talking in old malay and minangkabauan lingos 🙂 with a very clear memories in his mind!

* batusangkar coffee mills
visit the coffee mills and see the whole of the process to make coffee powder. known as one of the good quality nationalwide.
and the ladies who work here were very friendly, let us try how to use the equipments. and the price of coffee powder is very reasonable. idr 5,000/pack. and fresh fragrance!


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