things must be seen in surabaya

* gereja perawan maria tak berdosa

Made by Dutch in 1901, it’s becomes the oldest Catholican church in Surabaya. Can be compared with Gereja Kathedral in Jakarta. Situated at Kebon Rojo, nearby the central post office of Surabaya

(c) ukirsari

* pasopati 410, the russian [ex-soviet] submarine whiskey class

Known as Monkasel, acronym from Monumen Kapal Selam or Submarine Monument. It’s about a Russian Submarine SS Type Whiskey Class which has involved in the Operation Mandala and a great sea-war in Laut Aru (Arafuru Sea). It can be heroic whenever added with story of Admiral Josaphat Soedarso and KRI (Kapal Republik Indonesia) Macan Tutul. Situated at Jalan Raya Gubeng, not so far from kayoon area

* the monument of an admiral a.k.a monument jalesveva jayamahe

Great monument to commemorate Surabaya as a marineers town 🙂 I love this monument, because reflecting my own Dad with his past activity as a Navy! Salute, Dad. Jalesveva Jayamahe is taken from Sanskrit lingo means “We have a great reputation in the oceans”. Situated at Tanjung Perak harbour

* the red bridge over kembang jepun

Listen to this folk song; “Jembatan Merah, sungguh indah … berpagar gedung mewah.” (The Red Bridge so beautiful indeed, sorrounded by luxury buildings). It’s a memorable bridge in Dutch occupation in Surabya. After Arek-arek Suroboyo (Surabaya heroes) bombing General Mallaby, this bridge becomes an important point for their mobility. Now a modern building placed there, called “Jembatan Merah Plaza” (JMP).

* tugu pahlawan

The obelisk which mirrored Surabaya heroes during the Dutch aggression. Surrounded by old buildings and a greenery square.

* old harbour of kalimas

It’s an old harbour of Surabaya in the mouth of Kalimas river. Several warehouse here have label ‘anno 1800’ –means the Dutch used this port since VOC (Veerenigde Oost Indische Compagnie) era, long time ago before Dutch aggression. Nice place to take photography, surrounded by old warehouses and salty atmosphere.

* old hotel majapahit a.k.a yamato

A historical hotel where a foreign heroine and artician K’tut Tantri ever stayed during Japanese occupancy. Surabaya heroes ripped the Dutch flag –red, white, blue– at the roof top of this hotel and its becomes red and white. Indonesians National flag!

* the house and monument of mr wage rudolf supratman

small house where the composer supratman arrange and make notation of our national anthem Indonesia Raya [the Great Indonesia] within 3 stanza with his dearly violin. and not so far from its house in Jalan Rangkah, can be seen his monument in front of a muslim cemetery. completed with a statue of himself carrying a violin, with his famous-known glasses and his serious mimic performing the anthem. and also a complete partitures about Indonesia Raya.


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