kotagede, a lovely district inside jogjakarta

an old house … 150 years old. nice environment with mainly occupation as silversmith … hmmm how enchanting this old quarter of jogjakarta in my sight! it was used to be mataram’s first capital city.

(c) ukirsari

noted as the first capital of mataram kingdom, this district founded by panembahan senopati in 1582. then changed into ‘resident of the haves’ — rich jogjakartan people– around 1920s. said that tiles in their houses decorated with old dutch and chinese coins to reflected how rich they are. and using first class wood like mahogany to build the houses. nowadays still can be found some of these beautiful architecture where locals open private gallery to show the heritage of their ancestors.

about snacks, meals and eateries …. kotagede has similarity with jogjakarta. since this district is not so far. but if can be said more details, influence from malioboro –a cozy, comfy and humble point of jogjakarta– we can see locals gather around at the night and having cup of coffee or ginger tea.

then having supper after midnight with gudeg. most infamous one dish meals contents of steam rice, boiled egg and chicken in heavy coconut milk, red bean-chilli-cow’s skin mixed in coconut milk and young jackfruit stew in mahogany leaf [seems the preparation so difficult and takes long time, but the result always hmmm, two thumbs up!].

i love to hang out with my friends and have dinner [or supper] together with lesehan style [sitting together in pandanus mattres] enjoy gudeg with hot ginger tea 🙂


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