>> karimunjawa <<

We just back from our memorable hols in karimunjawa [taken from javanese lingo ‘kremun-kremun saka jawa’ or the shadow image from the very far away distance of java mainland] and want to share our experience to all of you. hoping can give some valuable infos.

(c) ukirsari

– stand from 27 islands, the karimun jawa archipelago included in karimun jawa national park [sea marine life]. it’s like a hidden treasure for those who loves marine life. we can find protected coral reefs [very colourful plateaus and plains in deep and shallow waters], secluded and tranquil white beaches [seems no-one there before us ;)], pelican and hornbill, seagrass and kinds of sea creatures, from crabs, anchovy, spiky ones ‘duri babi’, starfish, sharks, stingray, jellyfish, red snappers, etc.

– several nice small-tiny islands we’d been there were pulau burung [bird conservatory], pulau galeang, pulau menjangan besar, pulau menjangan kecil, pulau cemara besar, pulau cemara kecil also ujung gelam [the extension of karimun jawa besar] for swimming and snorkeling.

– if you like to stay at the mainland, in karimun besar island, there are many local guest houses along the way from harbour to direction ujung gelam.

– if you like to try something different like sea gypsy 😉 as we did, there are several floating wooden cabins available in the heart of the sea with pulau karimun besar as entry point. our contact is pak joko (62-297) 312185. beside room, he provided meals and renting boat plus crew, approximately idr 300,000/day. we enjoyed his place very much since there’s no tv and karaoke and whenever asked to switch-off the electricity, nightfall feel so glittering under the moonlight and stars. plus the sounds from waves, sea breeze and swells [no wonder, i am stil in post holiday blues whenever write about this!!!!!!]

(c) ukirsari

– for getting there and away, there are 2 entry points: from semarang [tanjung mas harbour] or jepara [pantai kartini harbour]. here i included the time schedule and subject maybe change without notification. check it out in advance before your departure:

– jepara – karimun jawa: monday and wednesday [kmp], 09.00 am
– karimun jawa – semarang: sunday [kmc], 02.00 pm
– karimun jawa – jepara: thursday [kmp], 09.00 am
– semarang – karimun jawa: monday and saturday [kmc] 09.00 am
– marks:
a. kmc >> kapal motor cepat [named kartini, appr. 3 hours sailing]
idr 95,000/VIP/person/one way
idr 75,000/business/person/one way
b. kmp >> kapal motor perintis [named muria, appr. 5 hours sailing]
idr 25,000/VIP/person/one way
idr 16,500/open deck/person/one way


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