(c) ukirsari

cirebon, a hidden jewel of west java, there are several palaces of the old sultanates, with unique lingo mixing central and west java, an old harbour and traditional batik influenced by chinese and west europe patterns. also delicious eateries called nasi jamblang.

it’s so laid back in cirebon, walking along jalan lemah wungkuk. witnessing time goes by, as a palace hidden by a local market. sad but true, reflecting the glorious moment from the past.

the places we’d been at cirebon: sugar mill sindanglaut, old houses along jalan lemah wungkuk, bank indonesia-british american tobacco [BAT]-bank mandiri buildings, chinese temple welas asih [klenteng thiaw kak sie], keraton [grand palace] kasepuhan, keraton kanoman, grand mosque cirebon, local market kanoman and the harbour of cirebon.

sindanglaut sugarmills

(c) ukirsari

thanks to sweetheart nicholas who gave me ‘special offer’; sugar mills visits at Sindanglaut, 40 kms away from cirebon. Yes, suiker-fabriken [sugar factory, dutch lingo] becomes our main destination. we have to ask many local before, since both of us never been at sindanglaut. then i added idea to visit grand palaces of cirebon sultanates, old mosque, temple, harbour, local market, old buildings and cirebon square [town square].

during weekend, we got so many experiences. visit the old steam locomotives ~which very rarely found in the world [nick gets the information from his dad and several sources in the net], visit the old house of de onderneming [chief of sugar factory, dutch lingo] ~I do love to learn about its indische woonhuizen [dutch design and architecture for houses that applied for tropical countries like Indonesia], ‘till laugh oud loud whenever seeing flipper show at cirebon square. “the dolphins looks so stressed,” nick’s comments. “maybe feel like hell, as hot as the loco-steam!”

oh, anyway i got a new nickname ‘Puffin Billy’, since my experience about locomotive only based on a small literary from a children book the famous five [by enid blyton, uk]. meanwhile nick got that ‘lovely’ nickname based on the flipper show; ‘steam dolphin’.


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