burgo at baturaja

Baturaja is situated nearby Prabumulih, Palembang and Lampung. No wonder if this city became a shelter for the next destination, in example going to Lake Ranau.

* picture courtesy of yudha pak bendot

But here, me and fellow, new friends and the participants of Lake Ranau Off-road Challenge learn something about friendship. In off-roading, we can not stand alone. Helping to each other and stay in a togetherness to the main goal (to get the finish line of the event). That’s why we have unwritten rules as follows:
1. Never forget to whom you’re sharing your tent in the forest, stay-overnight and food
2. Sure about all the companions are in the safe place before continuing the trip

Even it’s only a small town, we need Baturaja very much. First, for the scrutineering place for the contenders. Second, place for us (especially the journalists and spectators also the participants) to packing and re-packing.

Make our “ammo” (ammunition) full, like dried food, noodles, fresh meat, drinks, gasoline, battery and stay-overnight in a real hotel before we jump to the jungle! The place where we just have tent (dome), saroong, sleeping bag and velbed [folded matress].

(c) ukirsari

Even Baturaja is a pretty small compact city, she has a delicious traditional eatieries called ‘Burgo’. Normally, Burgo served in the morning for breakfast. The contents are; wheat flour roll-cake (salty) in coconut gravy, added with assortments like boiled egg and chicken, chilli sauce and shrimp crackers. Hmmm .. yummy. And if you don’t like the roll-cake, you can change with porridge and the name becomes “bubur ayam”. Served with hot tea.


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