/venice of south-east asia is banjarmasin?/

… venice of south east asia ….

still in arguably with my beloved Nicholas; which one is addressed as “venice of the east” [means south east asia] to be exact? is that damnoen saduak at thailand, along the klongs of bangkok or banjarmasin?

(c) ukirsari

he said “banjarmasin” …. now … i have the same perception. but of course everybody can choose their own opinion. i do enjoy this morning scene along the rivers. from dusk ’till 08.00 am.

banjarmasin has 2 main rivers; martapura and barito which used as trade places among the locals as floating markets. enjoy the local scene in early morning by the rivers while awaiting the sunrise with a cup of tea or coffee. just order from a boat who offers delicacies.

* picture courtesy of ‘jeng soes’ susilo wibowo

kuin and lokbaintan are lovely floating markets. in these markets, the sellers in canoes gather around and sell many kinds of fruits, veggies, meals and snacks. if you’re interesting just order and pull up the canoe beside the seller’s.

(c) ukirsari

banjarmasin, mainly tradings among locals happened on the rivers. so does the transportation, one to another connected by bridges and canals. then how about houses? also by the rivers. so exploring through the canals will be nice and feel how lively the rivers’ life there!


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