#visit ranau lake#

(c) ukirsari

The words ‘Ranau’ is something rising up my curiousity. Situated in the fartest place of South Sumatera, can be reach from Palembang or Lampung, this beautiful lake has an annual event called “Ranau Lake Folk Festival”. This year, this festival held for 12 times also the first time they added an automotive event called “Ranau Lake Off-road Challenge”.

So here I am, almost a week to covers the event and try to find ‘something’ in Ranau. And yes, I just found 🙂 A cozy place, friendly and humble people. Love to be here!!! It’s like a final destination after me and the off-roaders, all participants and contenders exhausted by the tough event. Danau Ranau showing us, how beautiful it is by greenery and beautiful scenery, blue-green and clean white water on the lake, also blue (sometimes grey) sky with clouds flowing in between. Waowwww, I wish I can spend more days here in a homestay!

A legend of Ranau

The name Danau Ranau (Ranau Lake) is based on a legend about trees called “Hara” and “Reranau”. A monk is order the people in the village to cut these trees for farming activity but the trees looks still exist and no one can cut them off. Until one day, when the monk cut them by an axe of his own. The trees successfully cutted and a small spring just appears, getting big and bigger ’till the formation becomes Ranau Lake nowadays.

Ranau has several etnics and 3 of them are Ogan, Komering and Ranau. They’re have different lingos but know each other well. And since my dear friend Niko Fiandri is a native Komering, this page I would like to dedicated for him 🙂

> batu begah <

Small stone which comes from the bottom of the lake, to identified it’s dry season or flooding time. Based on the story among the people around Ranau, the depth of Lake Ranau is about 3.500 depa.

> mount seminung<

Gunung Seminung (1,881 m) is situated in the front of Lake Ranau, nearby Bukit Barisan which is located in the ‘crossroad’ of province of Sumatra Selatan and Lampung.

> meriza and puyang seranjangan <

2 beautiful islands in the center of Lake Ranau. At Meriza, you can try to swim in hot water spring. Meanwhile in Puyang Seranjangan, you can stay overnight to feel how nice living in the small –very small– island!

> puri tjek na <

The most beautiful traditional house in lake Ranau also the oldest one which is successfully renovated. Lucky me, I stay over-night here 😉

(c) ukirsari

> tumis pakis a.k.a stir-fried fern <

Delicious, delicious veggie called fern or pakis in our lingo. It’s a very traditional veggie which can not be found –or at least very difficult– in the big cities. It’s make me feeling blue also, since my Mum love to cook this pakis for me when I was a kid. Now she can’t because she doesn’t find 🙂

(c) ukirsari
In Ranau, pakis is cooked in coconut gravy, very spicy and served with “ikan danau” (white water fish). Hmmmmmm, no need spoon or fork to eat them!!!


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