from kandangan to malaris and loksado in kalimantan

kandangan is a transit-small city lies on 135 km from martapura and banjarmasin. meanwhile loksado is about 40 km east of kandangan at the meratus mountaineous range.

from loksado, i did trekking to haratai with enroute:
amandit river – loksado – lok lahung – mangkuraksa information centre – malaris – buffer zone meratus and rorokoan mountain – haratai waterfall – haratai [stay overnight at bale, meeting hall of dayaks kaharingan tribe]

this one absolutely became one of my unforgetable journeys!!!

(c) ukirsari


when the harvest comes, people of kaharingan will celebrate “jujuran” or thanksgiving for padi [rice] they’d got and keep it in family barns like vintage champagne. my first night stay there, i’d enjoy nasi hangat [steamed rice] that using rice about 8 years old kept in a barn!
jujuran held from evening until dawn and rhytmically the old men in trance singing in ancient lingo ‘baji’ then the women knocking the drums.

several friends of mine, getting dizzy .. fuzzy. several dance like in trance but still awake. how about me? trying taking picture without flashlight for respect them. and found myself so peaceful and fallen asleep. then awake with kinds around me. introducing themselves and make conversation …. oh my … i feel like star or celebrity 🙂

and beruji

then in the jujuran they also do “beruji” … and event where the guys saying poem continuosly from one side to other side about preparation of a wedding ceremony.
the girl’s side will mention denomination [in rupiahs nowadays] meanwhile the guy’s side will bargain it a lot using poem. magical and mystical atmosphere!

(c) ukirsari

5 thoughts on “from kandangan to malaris and loksado in kalimantan

  1. aku dilahirkan di hunjuran kaki bukit pegunungan meratus, tepatnya di Kota Kandangan….. “Kada tasalah wan kada limpua” mun aku “himung” alias bangga jadi anak banua dengan segala keindahan dan keaslian hutan loksado…. “Gin ha hancapi tulakan” ke Loksado…………

    1. Salam Anak Banua<

      Saya akan ke Loksado dan Maralis akhir minggu ini dan sudah sangat tidak sabar untuk bertemu dan menikmari sesuatu yang baru

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