koening willem I spoorweg van ambarawa

morning at rawa pening

(c) ukirsari

ambarawa lies just 2.5 hours from jogjakarta. here in the museum, seems time standing still. the station will showing you 21 loco which already served in honor for the army of the republic of indonesia. but the atmosphere quite silent …. serene, and far from a hectic as tourist spot.

the old cage of the trains remain the glorious periods of ‘kereta api indonesia’ at the past. known as spoorwagen willem I, you can meet the loco and carriage made by hartmann chemnitz and hanomag hannover.

(c) ukirsari

this train station also known as koening willem I spoorweg, opened in 1873 and now became an exhibition place for steam locomotives built between 1891 – 1928.
the most historical item that touched me much …. here’s ‘laying’ “hell carriages” [gerbong maut in my lingo]. carriages that brings indonesian heroes in the dutch occupancy and let them die inside. my condolences goes to their families who left behind …..

although the train line has closed, this museum have attraction to operate a cr-56 I. a steam loco made-in 1907, 3rd class rack track coach with wooden carriages. make it like a nostalgic trip about 1.5 hours enroute ambarawa-ngampin-jambu-bedono with scenic views along the way. the operator said, many senior travelers, both locals and foreigners like to try this attraction.

bandungan flower market and candi gedong songo

(c) ukirsari

by the time writing, for charter is about idr 2.5 million for up to 100 passengers. you’ll be lucky if you can collect visitors in the area with the same aim: trying an old train ๐Ÿ™‚ ask few days in advance to the train station.

3 thoughts on “koening willem I spoorweg van ambarawa

  1. wah… akhirnya mbak ukirsari ke kampung saya juga ya… ingat saya mbak yg di vt?…..
    salut untuk mbak yang dunianya tambah luas saja.
    tetap jaga kesehatan ya mbak

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