another scam in paradise

doesn’t mean to be rude
doesn’t mean to make people and travelers scary
lake batur, mount batur and pura besakih were stunning for us
nick and @rie
but to be honest …
was usd35 worth it?
we don’t think so!
why? scam was happened since the beginning

(c) ukirsari

from kedisan, a man following our car using motorbike
and find a guest house for us
then “selling” this bloody expensive tour
we just can’t
we like to be independent travelers
and if have to do climb or trekking
we can do by our own
and if guidence was necessary, we always open mind about rules
but no way if selling package like that
and try to make us frightened
by awaiting in front of our guest house early morning
no, no, no …..
goodbye caterpillars!!!!!

and additional experience ……
we love dogs so much
we “talk” and play with dogs in lombok before heading to bali
but un-ordinary condition made us scary with the dogs in kintamani
the barking were so louds
not friendly at all
and running fast into us
like trapped us in the guest house
so we don’t have a choice
stay in room
and have to pay idr 35,000/person for fried rice with flies [yiakes!!!] and then idr 17,500/person for a cup of tea
then what happened in next day? we spend a great breakfast in the top resto and hotel in kintamani, heading to the top of mount batur with lake batur surround it. nasi campur bali and sirloin steak sandwich with french fries and mineral water cost idr 80,000 for 2 person. how come? 🙂
well, we don’t mind
but really …. pissed off!!!!!


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