way kanaan and way kambas national park

(c) ukirsari

celebrating new year’s eve …. we love to do something different. not in term to be seen different by others, but we thought that’s a perfect moment to visit the babies in the heart of the forest, since we’re still have days-off.

so, by the end of december 2006, we fly to lampung in sumatra island. less than 1 hour flight. and then take two “ojek” [indonesian way to address a transportation using motorbike with a driver]. trip is about 1 hour ride, with muddy road, unfinished both asphalt and stones, rainy day, but it’s something great in the end.

we just met up with a pretty rhino named rosa, cuddling baby elephant named jo and “talk” with his mother, and their keeper. also boating over wetland and estuary of kalibiru and kuala kambas in early morning of 2007 and find monitor lizzard, monkeys, hornbills, king fishers, eagles … and whenever we back to the camp … o la la … a cute curling phython just sleeping at the roof of our bungalow!

happy new year, babies 🙂

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