vigan, old lady of the north

hard to believe …. took a long journey about 405 km one way or means 810 km round trip of cubao [metro manila] – vigan – pasay [metro manila] just for this “old lady of the north” [address by my own, since vigan was so enchanted me :)]. but it’s a worth trip.

i feel the time has frozen. and i was so glad to be here in vigan, at least once in the lifetime. i love all her old buildings, ruins and oldies things.

start thinking about vigan since a year ago and everytime i remember about this planning trip i always write down in my diary “vigan if i can”. and finally can make it. thanks for deepa and mike who companied to catch partas bus from cubao.

it’s about 10 pm whenever partas deluxe bus is ready to bring me back to pasay
then to manila and finally home again
into reality

just left el juliana hotel about minutes ago and simple dinner in front of old cemetery vigan
stubby longganisa and empanada and calamansi orange juice

i take my ilocano [vigan] blanket
and my small-baby hitam mp3 player with “isabel” [il divo] whispering my ears
the bus passes through plaza burgos

a sentimental night
white lights around the plaza
from the monument of padre jose burgos to saint paul’s metropolitan cathedral and the bell tower
and the alleys with cobblestones, slowly left behind

my tears just falling
i left part of my heart here
old lady of the north
a lovely small old city in the northern part of luzon


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