shimla, queen of the snowy hills

(c) ukirsari

after spending hot and sweating but nice days in tibetan colony at old delhi called “majnu-ka-tilla” in new aruna nagar, here i am. jump to shimla or sometimes write down as simla. also known as queen of the snowy hills.

beside walking along the nice alleys of shimla and find many beautiful local souvenirs at lakkar bazaar, trekking and bird watching were my fave activities. actually, Shimla has a famous trekking line to kullu valley via jalori pass [3,000 m asl] or bashleo pass [3,250 m asl].

but i prefer a light trekking to glen forest, annandale, elysium hill to summer hill. the hilly areas and pinewood forest [note: pinewood became an icon for shimla in state of himachal pradesh] where i took sequel pictures of sunset over himalayan mountaineous range about 07.30 pm ….

(c) ukirsari

shimla [or sometimes written as simla] was declared as the summer capital of india in 1864, situated at 2,159 above sea level. the name shimla takes from shyamala devi, the incarnation of goddess kali, the deity of power and wrath.

but different than its name, this beautiful and tranquil city discovered by the britons as a small village in 1819 and became a region of the nepalese kingdom. during the administration of lord william bentinck, shimla acquired by the government of india. after the independence of india [and became commonwealth of nations], shimla became the capital of punjab ’till 1966. afterward, became region of himachal pradesh.

with the local population is about 123,000 and languages spoken are hindi, himachali, garhwali and english, shimla is an ideal place for retreat from the heat on summer in the northern part of india. also addressed as queen of the snowy hills with maximum temperature around 25 degrees celcius in summer. when winter comes, the temperature going cold due to the chilly winds from the upper himalayas. and around christmas, shimla experiences snowfall.


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