Makale, My entry point to Tana Toraja

After 8 hours passing the scenic route from Makassar to Toraja highland [about 320 km north of Makassar, the provincional city of South Sulawesi], here I am … stop a moment at Makale, the capital of Tana Toraja. The Torajans are friendly and the breeze playing my hair, as the clouds seems so close upon my face.

(c) ukirsari

A small lively city, with a Catholican Church Sancta Maria on the right side, seems “waving” hello to the travellers who entering Makale. Then on the left side, the famous Sadan’ [pronounced as Sa’dan and sometimes also Sadan’] river is welcoming us too.

And also not to be missed is the astonishing rocky cliffs formations along Makale. After Gunung Nona [The Lady Mountain] nearby Enrekang, this city showing several beautiful formation of the cliffs. Just like ‘local’ Grand Canyon 🙂

During my trip to Tana Toraja I’d been visiting:
~ Makale
~ Mengkendek
~ Rantepao
~ Bolu
~ Ke’te Kesu
~ Lemo
~ Batu Tumonga
~ Palawa

This trip, was my first solo trip in my own country for 2004. And I’d still have my post holiday blues of Jogjakarta when I repacking my backpack and heading to the east of Indonesia archipelago. But of course it’s not my style to keep quiet during my holiday time, so I found several newly friends. The friendly Torajans Anthony and Jules [uhummm, I can not stop smiling everytime calling this name, since I remember a German movie “Im Juli” which I like very much 🙂 ].
And of course I accompanied by my lovely Russian tee-shirt “ariel” [an eagle with two heads] from Andrey. So, ukirsari and ariel travel together again ~ thanks to your kewl accompany during trekking at Mengkendek, ariel.


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