macau at a glance

blessed by sub-tropical weather and ‘hugging’ by china mainland and the sea, macau is something beyond my expectation. it’s about my passion for old heritages buildings. macau offers so many with unesco’s world heritage sites entitled.

(c) ukirsari

and i’d got ‘hysterical’ to visit here, and there and do ‘trekking’ to find my fave old building …. that’s very nice. can not be imagined, i can find so many oldies things in the small area as macau.

known as a-ma kok [cantonese], ama-gau [portuguese] and finally macau or macao, i have to admit … i like this simple and charming place.

special thanks i would like to address for the doehne brothers, roy and claude who made me feel macau as my second home! mas roy [vt member royjava] just visited his younger brother claude and leaving macau before my arrival. but he still give me a chance to “visit” him in a unique way; arrange a meeting for me and claude.

and it’s gonna be extended finally, since i’d got introduced to carol and her husband [very delicious dinner at your resto, guys. two thumbs up!] and with the cabaret dancers in lisboa hotel and casino! wow!! dank je wel, claude and matur nuwun sanget mas roy 🙂

ruinas do sao paulo

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here the brief history of a-ma gau:
– after conquered goa, india [1510] and malacca, malaysia [1511] thus visited ternate [upper north moluccas islands] in indonesia [1513], portuguese arrived in 16th century to macau
– in 1854 portugal declared macau as a free port
– during world war II macau is the only neutral port in south china
– in 1955 salazar regime in portugal proclaimed macau as overseas province of portugal
– joint declaration of macau [between china and portugal] was signed in april 13, 1987 in beijing. this moment also became setting stage for the return of macau in full chinese sovereignty
– in december 20, 1999, macau is known as special administrative region of china
– refer to its bi-cultural histories [chinese and portuguese], macau has historical centre which already entitled as world heritage sites by unesco. the list as follows:
– a-ma temple
– moorish barracks
– lilau square
– mandarin’s house
– st. lawrence’s church
– st. joseph’s seminary and church
– st. augustine’s square
– dom pedro v theatre
– sir robert ho tung library
– st. augustine’s church
– leal senado building
– senado square
– sam kai vui kun [kuan tai temple]
– holy house of mercy
– cathedral of the nativity of our lady
– lou kau mansion
– st. dominic’s church
– ruins of st. paul’s
– na tcha temple
– section of the old city walls
– mount fortress
– st. anthony’s church
– casa garden
– old protestant cemetery
– guia fortress


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