goose hunting at tsuen wan west

leaving busy kowloon and visiting the oldest taoist temple of wong tai sin in kowloon tong, heidi and her beloved son ‘sweet potato’ kim take me here. a comfy place nearby tsuen wan west. tsing ma, the world’s longest rail and road suspension bridge is in front of me. this is a beautiful evening.

we do ‘women talk’ and awaiting sweet potato is playing with a brand new friend –we don’t know exactly his name, but love to address him “koko” since he’s older than sweet potato.

so laid back here. and relaxing. hoping time is frozen. so i can stay longer here πŸ™‚

after taught me how to to be a hongkonger by enjoy dim sum, heidi take me to tsuen wan west by mass transportation then we wander around here. including do sneak a peek property offices! how much i need for rent a small apartment or buy by my own if ever i stay here? hmmmm, it’s “difficult” topics, since full with calculation πŸ™‚

but whenever we’re passing through local market, yes! take me there, heidi. and it’s not only one. we go here and here and there and i really enjoy to see everything in local markets.

cooked duck and goose of course becomes my attention along the way in local markets. great presentation, mouth-watering looks and hmmmm …. spicy fragrances around. come on … find a delicious cantonese roasted goose resto!

first thing always across in my mind if speaking about chinese food is roasted duck addressed as peking duck. but heidi introduce me cantonese goose — not only duck but goose. it’s strange in my ears for the first moment. but looking around me and seems everybody enjoy the meals very much, okay … here we go … half cantonese roasted goose with plum sauce.

yes, in front of us is definetely roasted goose. special preparation with soaking goose in marinated sauce [soy sauce, sugar and salt] for moment then hang it and roasting. the result a very crispy roasted goose. served hot with steam rice or rice white noodle, plum sauce, chilli sauce [additional] and beer. what perfect dinner!

(c) ukirsari

actually, with roasted goose as main course i never think about additional or side dishes. but heidi said, added with veggie or something else will be great. and the result is …. stir-fried fresh mushroom [champignon] with crab sauce. delicious!!!

and … on our way home, whilst walking again i enjoy the ‘scenery’ where hawker stalls are selling take-away roasted goose and duck. of course, dine-in in a resto is something more enjoyable since everything already prepared by the chef and waitress. this take-away roasted duck and goose need further preparation. need to be re-grilled or re-roasted with microwave if you want it as hot as served in the resto.

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