el-qousour “castrum”

luxor a.k.a el-qousour in arabic or castrum in latin [means: the camp]. a nice name for a small town at the river bank of the nile. about 9 hours ride [by train] from the capital city of egypt, cairo [al-qahirah].

(c) ukirsari

separated into 2; west bank and east bank. the eastern part look more lively than the western part. but do not get wrong, the famous worldwide biban-el-muluk or valley of the kings is situated there on the west. there’s a bridge connecting these areas, so we can reach the west and the opposite by car. and if you want to go sailing on the nile, chose a public ferry or romantic traditional boat called felukah [felucca].

as the capital of thebes in the middle kingdom, luxor herself gives us a valuable historical site; luxor temple, which was dedicated to the theban triads of the gods: amon-mut-khonsu.
it’s nice to see this temple in early morning and in the evening. but for both of us, the best is after the sun goes down. with the lights show, the glittering lamps bring us back into past centuries. the seated statue of ramses II and the obelisk and the hypostyle halls and the sphinxies plus the hieroglyphs.

companied with someone i love who taking picture next to me, i just keep silent. finding myself standing at the entrance of luxor temple. a breathtaking moment … and i give him a smile; beloved nicholas.

then we meet another [paul] nikolaus. a seven years old guy who like to play saint claus’ hohohoo “saint claus is coming to townnnnn …..” at chez omar’s resto. and first time meet him at mc donald’s luxor 🙂 then address him proudly ‘a programmable toy’ since he’s so attractive!


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