crazy about dai pai dong at kowloon

5 siomay with mushroom = hk$10, waterchesnut and grass jelly in sugarcane juice = hk$5, mango sago = hk$5, fresh orange juice [really fresh, squeezed in front of me, no sugar and water added] = hk$10 … so tell me how can i resist with this ‘food festival’? 🙂

(c) ukirsari

walking along haiphong road early morning and spend half day in lazy way to the harbour, my first exploration is about dai pai dong, the hawker stall along the streets. even 7-eleven has their own dai pai dong in their counters … hmmm, hardly to think about another activity but “find the best dai pai dong” and that’s very difficult. since anything seems delicious on the displays!

okay, “back to the track” now .. since i love old buildings … i walk to kowloon park and find a building which give service many brochures about old buildings [colonial, temples, etc connected with oldies] for free. then reading at the park … and oh .. almost lunch time .. dai pai dongs are calling along the way to direction tsim sha tsui mrt station. so … what can i do then? come on .. dai pai dong first 🙂

second day … seems i can “avoid” dai pai dong …. but this is even ‘worse’ …. heidi offers me to try dim sum. the set of small delicious bites [no wonder, dim sum in english literally means ‘sweet heart’ or ‘closer to the heart’] that i will never forget about its taste. so yummy!! served with chinese tea [that’s why dim sum also known as yum cha .. the teatime] and this is my first time to meet up with one of heidi’s sweethearts, her 2 years old son! our angel, kim 🙂


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