corregidor … to the memory of norman reyes

born and raise in a navy family made me someone who loves history very much. especially about battle in the oceans. about the men as the heroes, the heroic acts, warships and strategy. from admiral horatio nelson into pacific war were my bedtime stories, if my dad wasn’t sailing away [and in the opposite side, in absence of my dad, my mum telling another stories about legends and folklores 🙂 ].

since my dad already visited pearl harbour memorial whenever he was in the usa [base: annapolis and sailing home with uss hummingbird and rohrbass], i want to do ‘something’ that he never been; visiting corregidor! and then discussing about defense of this island with him. i do enjoy these moments since i was a kid. sharing anykind of the aspects. from the person to the strategics and ammunitions. well dad, you know …. i am so proud of you!

>> from bataan to mindanao and australia <<

how important corregidor island for defense can be mirrored from the famous quote of general douglas macarthur “i shall return”. from this point, he fly to mindanao then further to australia.
from philippines’ side, can be heard the history ‘death march of bataan’ before corregidor has fallen in world war II.

known as ‘corregir’ in spanish lingo which is means to correcting, this tiny island also a benchmark and guard in front of manila bay.

i am so thankful can be someone in peaceful era who visiting and witnessing how people have to struggle to get something called ‘freedom’. my respect goes to everybody who involved in the battle of corregidor. rest in peace and hope this island will stay as a monument to remember, this freedom is happened because you give everything to your beloved country. salute!

/about norman reyes/

* repro picture from the museum of corregidor

as a journalist, i always take a patronage, a hero from the same field of journalism who get involved in the war. from them i can learn about how to make excellent reportations under uncomfy circumstances, be the real journalist in the hard-ship post and give the best for the motherland.

– from the mini series ‘band of brothers’, i ‘have’ david kenyon webster. after his absence in battle of bulge, he’s back to war and writes a great diary about mentals and morals and bounding of the soldiers, among brothers. and after retired from us airborne paratroopers he writes a book about whales and sailing away, never comeback until this day.

– during world war II in my own country, i ‘have’ a heroine k’tut tantri. a woman artist isle of man-born who sailing from new york to bali [indonesia] and going into war against dutch and japanese invasion. tortured very bad but keep struggle and becomes indonesian spy and sending ‘voice of indonesia’ around the world by radio channel. later, she fly to singapore and australia and proudly announce to everyone about freedom of indonesia. her beautiful autobigoraphy ‘revolt in paradise’ became my fave from now on.

– from corregidor island, i ‘have’ a hero normando ildefonso reyes a.k.a norman reyes. a radioman who give mental supports to all filipinos during world war II by radio channel, broadcast live from corregidor. and he’s among the men who defense this island after death march of bataan. back from the philippines, now i am searching a book written by himself, entitled ‘child of two worlds’


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