coloane, pirates base named lo wan

(c) ukirsari

visit coloane [or lo wan in cantonese] village brought my memory back into childhood in 80s. i love to read book series entitled the famous five [by enid blyton]. it’s about travel experiences and solves the mysteries of 4 teenagers and companied by a dog. sometimes they’re visit places or destinations with very unique names like smuggler’s top and devil’s rock.

the history of coloane i’m reading by the book made my curiousity rise up, just like my feeling whenever i read the famous five book series 🙂

long time ago, coloane becomes a base of pirates who hide out in the caves and cliffs and awaiting cargo and trading ships from ghuangzhou [china mainland] and macau.

but coloane village nowadays … for me is a very laid back place. a fishermen village with serene and tranquil travessas [lanes], cobblestones streets, small compact town and ‘home’ of catholican church saint francis xavier [1928]. built as an honour for him as the 16th century missioner on the way to macau and japan.

and another ‘mission’ for me to visit coloane village, what else if not about culinary trip. there’s a very famous portuguese natas so called ‘egg tart’ can be found here, in lord stow’s bakery. this mini custard tart already famous throughout asia and have chains in korea, japan and philippines.

my visit to its bakery shop and cafe added with something emotional feeling, since mr andrew stow, the owner and creator of this very delicious egg tart just passed away a night before i reach coloane [october 26th 2006]. may he rest in peace and i was glad already try his very famous natas. i bought a tee-shirt of “lord stow’s bakery” for an unforgetable memory about this man with his brilliant creation called egg tart.


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