java jive, karimunjawa ….

* malam kian terasa, larut dan dingin … hasrat pun ingin terus bersama, sinar bulan yang terang berbayang, terbias indah di matamu, oh …. hingga tiada satu kata yang bisa kuucapkan, biar kau tahu yang kurasakan, getar jiwa … terguncang buaikan bersatu genggam di jarimu …. inikah gerangan cinta yang menghiasi kisah manusia sepanjang masa ….*[java jive, gerangan cinta, 1995]

(c) ukirsari

seems just yesterday … puffin and dalphin start their nice holiday in the ‘lost hidden treasure’ of java >> karimunjawa. literally in javanese means “the shadow imagine from million distance away place of java mainland”. every single beaches here is treasure, always give their own scenery. never be the same, laying in among 27 small islands. dalphin said, like in la dique, praline or somewhere in seychelles. and puffin replied “can be anywhere in the equator line or tropical areas but it was surprised since still in the area of java.”

karimunjawa, a hidden mini-archipelago

(c) ukirsari

puffin got her first snorkelling with beloved dalphin and dolphino a.k.a dolfino. bites by spiky ones so called “duri babi” a.k.a sea urchin and got panic. but it’s nothing compared with palm trees, sunrise and sunset, coral reefs in conservation, floating cabin, our “welcome” thunderstorm and high tide, seafood meals, sea creatures from shark, jellyfish, stingray [not yet mantaray, sweetheart puffin :)], starfish, anchovy, crabs, hawksbill turtle, pelican and hornbill and meet our baby ikan belutak or number one enemy jabba the hutt. puffin did remember very well, asking dalphin’s binoculars to see the craters in the half moon and laying on the pier. enjoy every single moment whenever electricity shut-down and singing “this little piggy going to the market, this little piggy stayed at home, this little piggy got roasted beef, this little piggy had none and this little piggy run all the way homeeeeeeeee”.

(c) ukirsari

in 1995, java jive launched their masterpiece ‘gerangan cinta’ [is this love?] and the charming lyrics made me half drunken about. i mean, how can be so ‘glittering’ and warm if you have that feeling, no matter if ‘the world will ended tomorrow’ nor ‘the earth will divided into 2’. just flowing like puffin learn from dalphin about snorkelling and everything will be fine. 10 years after java jive’s great song …

(c) nicholas ingram

i have my own gerangan cinta and i know how to be grateful. thanks for unforgetable birthday gift, dalphin. i love you so much!!!!!!


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