after 25 years

alam dan sang waktu mengatur
bagaimana hari mesti dijalani
sebagaimana pertemuan dan perpisahan
dan segala impian tak berkesudahan

[times and natures give the paths
how the days should be passing
the same as finding and going in this life
and also for a neverending dream]

+ ukirsari, 08032006

take this ‘today’s writing’ about childhood dreams. as i realize, we asked two and we got one. we just only have one and keep it alive for a long time. and in the end, still hoping one of the dreams will come true someday.

today is one of the most beautiful days in my life. after such a long awaiting, try to get a connection to my childhood dream … voila … this is marcus harris! my beloved julian kirrin from the famous five. he wrote e-mail personally for me! thanks a million, marcus 🙂

Hi Arie

Thanks for this and I am so pleased to hear that you got so much from the series and indeed from the character of Julian. I was and indeed still am a big fan of the F5 myself and it was a dream come true for me to be given the part, it was two years living the dream. I am a business man now but Gary (Dick) and I still do various events in Germany and the UK where we talk about life in the Famous five. I am sorry if I didn’t reply to your letters back then, I didn’t get to see them all and mostly they were handled for me, however I must take my share of responsibility and say at that time we received sackfulls each day and as a 15/16year old it was a daunting as Double Maths for homework despite being much more enjoyable. However no excuses and I’m pleased to make amends with this email. By all means use it on your blog.

Best of luck with your career, it sounds fascinating and thank you for taking the trouble to track me down.

Best wishes
Marcus Harris

PS Attached is a photograph taken last year at one of the German F5 conventions


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